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Up Your Gift-Wrapping Game With These 5 Ideas for Christmas 2015

The Debrief: It's really not as hard as you'd think

You've been scouring Pinterest feeling increasingly shit about the presents you need to wrap (that you probably haven't even bought yet). Don't worry though, we've put together THE definitive guide to ensuring your presents are the COOLEST ones sitting under the tree. Just so everyone in your family knows that you're now really hip and arty. Even better, wrapping presents like a boss isn't even difficult, just strip it back to basics. You can even wrap like a pro with just tin foil and printer paper. 

The Neon One


You will need:
Neon tissue paper, 2 packs for £1, Tiger
*Cellophane, get a few sheets from the florist, who might not charge but offer them some change! 
*Kitchen foil

This one looks super awesome and is really cheap and easy. Wrap your pressie in the neon tissue. Lay out however much cellophane you need, wind up a strip of tin foil until it's a few layers thick and snip bits off, letting it naturally fall onto the cellophane (who needs sequins?). Then just wrap the cellophane around the presnt - ta da! You could also try this with small printed photos of your giftee or a sprinkle of glitter.

The Last Minute Christmas Eve One 


You will need:
Brown packing paper
*String/tape, similar here
*A nearby Christmas tree

So you're hanging out at home in your onesie on Xmas eve, and you realise SHIT I HAVENT WRAPPED ANYTHING. Fear not my friend, make an emergency dash to your parents' postage drawer and grab the brown packing paper. While no-one's looking, snip a spruce or two from the back of the tree and plant it in the middle of your sad brown pressie. Wind round and round with a bit of string and tie securely, or if you haven't got any string use a coloured tape. During the 4 minute ad break you will have miraculously created a totally instagrammable piece of work. 

The Sparkly One


You will need:
*White paper - can be wrapping paper or just nicked out of the printer
*Black pen
*Ribbon, £1, Tiger
*Tags, £1, Tiger
*Glitter Tape, £2, Tiger

For those not afraid of glitter, but who don't want to ruin their parents' carpets. Start with some white paper (in our case straight out of the printer) and grab a black marker pen. Experiment with different shapes and lines, going across the whole sheet. It doesn't have to be neat, the messier the better. Wrap using this paper and finish with the sparkly ribbon. To make the tags simply cut the glitter tape the width of the tag and stick on two strips. Tie this on with some more ribbon and you're done!  

The Paper Snowflake One


You will need:
*Wrapping Paper, £1, Tiger
*Plain white paper
*Tissue paper - scraps will do
*Faux wax stickers, £3, Tiger
*Tags (as before)
*Alphabet Stamps, £3,  Tiger

Everyone loves a paper snowflake. This is a super easy method make your regular gifts look extra good with no extra kit. Just wrap your gift as normal, make a paper snowflake by folding a square sheet of white paper in half 4 times until you have a slim triangle. snip random bits out of both sides and open in out. Place it in the middle of the wrapped present and to hold it in place either tape it or add a sticker over some tissue in the centre. You could finish here, but if you want to make some custom tags take this awesome alphabet stamp kit and go wild on some plain tags, or make your own with coloured card. 

The Minimalist One


You will need:
*White Tissue 
*Strips of paper
*Tape of your choice - we used washi, £2.75 and fluorescent, £7.30 from London Graphics Centre

This one is super simple and very cheap - and great as an alternative to ribbon! Start by wrapping in plain white tissue paper. Use a tape of your choice to cross-cross over the top. Finish with a sticky bow that you've probably got knocking about from last year, or if not as the case was for us, it's really easy to make your own. Just take strips of any paper you choose, you could use plain colours or even strips cut from a magazine. Fold each into a figure of eight and layer up finishing with a rolled circle.

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