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This Animation Basically Sums Up How We Felt When We First Grew A Pair Of Boobs

The Debrief: This animation deals with cat-calling, puberty and growing boobs in a way that isn't depressing

We wish it wasn't the case but there has been a fair few pieces of news surrounding cat-calling this year with artists challenging it in new ways and many questions around how to actually deal with catcalling, without getting into a sticky situation.

This lovely animation called "Sidewalk" created by Celia Bullwinkel shows a woman walking through life, confronting her changing body and learning to love herself.

It's a simple but thought-provoking short film which pretty sums up how awkward puberty can be, but how, at the end of the day, we should embrace our bodies - even the awkward bits.

Sidewalk from Celia Bullwinkel on Vimeo.

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