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Thinking Out Loud: Have My Parents Ruined My Love Life Forever? (Probably)

Thinking Out Loud: Have My Parents Ruined My Love Life Forever? (Probably)

The Debrief: Natasia Demetriou, Mae Martin, Sofie Hagen and Stevie Martin talk parents grossing them out with their sex lives, whether they'll ever get married and how someone's farts can help you figure out if they're the one for you.

Welcome back to Thinking Out Loud guys! In case you missed it; our web series is basically The Debrief's very own version of Loose Women because it's pretty much just ace women sitting around and chatting about the things that matter most to YOU, you big Generation Y-er you.

Todays' episode was inspired after comedian Mae Martin found herself worrying that her parents' oh-so-perfect relationship had made her put unrealistic expectations on her own love life. Had it stopped from ever finding true love?

Of course, it is true that her parents are rather, erm, open when it comes to their relationship...

Comedian Natasia Demetriou's parents are totally different to Mae's. Her parents do live together yes, but they're not actually together. Something to do with her mum being lazy and her dad being Greek. Anyways, for Natasia even seeing them hug is the weirdest thing that's ever happened ever. Not that that's impacted on her love life at all you understand. She's totally well adjusted you hear? Totally well adjusted.


Sofie Hagen's parents were a whole other kettle of fish with her dad heading off into the sunset when she was but one month old. Thanks to that she's grown up assuming she'll be a single mum...

So, has all the family upheaval put the girls off things like marriage? For Natasia, deffos. She can't think of anything more embarrassing than a big old white wedding.

Whereas Mae thinks she might have found the actual one for her....

Stevie Martin on the other hand took a much more nihilistic approach to the current dating pool.

While Natasia decided that bodily odours were probably the thing that was going to swing it for her. TBH, we're inclined to agree.

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