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Alya Mooro | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 6 August 2015

Things To Get Your Mum To Buy You For Your Uni Dorms

Things To Buy Yourself Before You Go To Uni

The Debrief: There's no feeling quite like the utter elation-terror of moving out for the first time - here's how to make sure you've got the right gear

Ahh yes, we remember the days. Amid the complete and utter elation that you’re finally moving out of the house after what feels like for-evs and you won’t have to answer to any of those ‘What time will you be back?’ and ‘Oh… is *that* what you’re planning on wearing?’ questions, there’s a bit of… shall we say, mild panic, involved too.

Not so much in terms of actual things like, ‘Will I make friends?’ or ‘What if I hate it?’ but more in terms of the nagging fear that if you’re already hungry and it’s pretty much only been oh… 36 minutes since your mum last cooked you up a nice meal, how are you going to feed yourself for the rest of the year?

Learning how to crack an egg aside (Google some YouTube tutorials for that), what to buy for your kitchen at uni is probably half the battle. Because if you don’t have the appropriate utensils like say, a pan, those YouTube tutorials aren’t really going to go very far. 

The folks at TK Maxx are offering a £50 voucher to get your packing off to a head start. Plus, we’ve compiled a list of some stuff you really need to buy for your uni dorms. Now just to find a way to keep it all out of reach from your fellow freshers… 

Towel set £19.99

Things To Get Your Mum To Buy You For Your Uni Dorms

Easily identifiable belongings – that’s the secret to not getting your stuff nicked at uni. At least this way, if ever you spot anyone using your stuff, there won’t be any umming and ahhing about it. That said, if someone you don’t know – even someone you kind of know – is using your bath towels, we think that’s definitely ample grounds for defence in a court of law. 

Pasta canister £9.99 (RRP £24.99)

Things To Get Your Mum To Buy You For Your Uni Dorms

If you’re anything like us, you’ll spend approximately the first 492 days of your uni life eating pasta. Actually, if you’re anything like us, you’ll pretty much spend the rest of your life stuffing your face with it. It’s the easiest thing to cook – boil some water, chuck it in, make some sauce or just douse it in ketchup or whatever you want and bam – meal done. And now you have a pretty place to store it. 

Scented candle £9.99 (RRP £16.50)

Things To Get Your Mum To Buy You For Your Uni Dorms

One thing to get used to at uni? Everything smells a bit weird. Dorms and their kitchens are a veritable hot bed of smells, everything from curries to dirty washing and everything in between. We say buy a delicious smelling candle and stay well clear of the stink. Plus, they – whoever they are – say candles are calming and stuff, so maybe you can meditate in your room with them.

Bedspread £34.99

Uni Dorm

There’s no relationship quite as sacred as that of a girl and her bed. We get it, we feel the pain every morning too, so we can only imagine having to get acclimatised to a whole new bed. Yup, it’s definitely worse than the making new friends part. A posh bedspread to make it all pretty and comfy (and hide those takeaway stains on your duvet); it won’t make the pain go away entirely, but it’ll definitely ease you in. 

Cushion £12.99

Things To Get Your Mum To Buy You For Your Uni Dorms

So maybe you won’t have a whooole lot of room to bring everything with you that makes your room your home, but you can at least have cushions to make your bed that little bit more epic. 

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