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Last Minute Fathers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Day Gifts Under £20

Last Minute Fathers' Day Gifts Under £20


Classic you, you've gone and left your Father's Day gift buying until the last possible minute haven't you? Well, considering there's not enough time to order something cool off the internet now, here's a few things that you can get your hands on instantly so you can save the day and still be the best daughter ever.

For Music Dad


Music Dad still listens to CDs and everything. Plus, he's got like seven hundred of them, as well as some vinyls he's artfully framed and stuck up on the bathroom wall too. When you tried to explain the ironic joy of One Direction to him he sat thoughtfully for a minute before taking himself outside to 'have a moment to contemplate the sorry state of the youth of today'. Anyways, Music Dad would bloody love MOJO '60s, the iconic music magazine's super fancy periodical that's got features on Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. It's even got some deluxe art prints to frame. You can grab it at HMV, Sainsbury's or WH Smith or, if you're not worried about time you can buy it online. And it's only £8.99. Banging.

For Nostalgia Dad

fathers day gift

If he's always banging on about the old days, listening to music you've never heard of or referencing TV shows that never made it out of the Seventies then shell out for tickets for the cinematic re-release of The Long Good Friday, playing at selected cinemas around the UK from the 19th. It's the film that made Helen Mirren famous and stars Bob Hoskins as a gangster that gets caught up in war with another syndicate. Even better, even though it's super violent, there's no sex scenes meaning no awkwardness when you guys go see it together. Result.

For High Brow Dad

fathers day gift

If your dad's the type to wear leather patches on his elbows and drop Jean Paul Sartre references into conversation without a hint of irony then buy that man a year's subscription to MUBI, the Netflix for Very Cool Films from accalaimed directors, foreign filmmakers or the vintage vault. There's a new film added every day and they stick around for a month meaning High Brow Dad's got plenty of time to watch them. Get it for him and watch Grey Gardens (currently screening until the 9th July), the cult documentary about Jackie Kennedy's eccentric relatives.

For Driver Dad

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If he spends his mornings and evenings stuck on the M5 Southbound then Driver Dad's going to appreciate something to keep his mind occupied. Like Podcasts. Which he obviously won't be able to figure out how to get his car to play from his phone. Spend some time then downloading some of your faves (This American Life, Radio Lab and the Freakonomics Podcasts are good shout for dads) and burning them (you still remember how to do that right?) onto CDs he can play in your car. He'll love it. Unless he's got a tape player in his car still, in which case, get a new car dad.

For Foodie Dad

fathers day gift

For the guy that knows his cavolo nero from his curly kale, take yourself to the nearest posh supermarket (we're talking Waitrose, Booths or Wholefoods here kids) and purchase the most expensive bottle of olive oil you can find. Some retail for around £20, which is ridiculous in our humble opinion but apparently you really can taste the difference. Plus, even if he doesn't know how expensive it is, the fact that you've *just* given him olive oil will lead him to the assumption you've got him something a bit special and he'll just play along. The fancier looking the bottle the better.

For Sports Dad

fathers day gift

Dads love a gadget don't they? And activity trackers are like, the thing to have right now in Dad land. Sadly though they're kind of expensive - except this one from Homebase. Sure it doesn't record your sleep (TBF that bit sounds a bit creepy anyway) but it does track how far you go and how many calories you burn in a single day and can be synced with your phone. So there's that.

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