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13 Things To Buy To Make Your Flat Look Nicer

13 Things To Buy Right Now To Make Your Shared Flat Look Nice(r)

The Debrief: Mi casa makes su casa look like a hovel.

Sharing a house isn’t ideal, I’ll admit, but it has its upsides – when else could any of us afford to live in a victorian townhouse in a conservation area in zone 2 of london? Never, that’s when – because sharing the load with five other people makes for a substantial wedge. Once you’re a grown up, you’ll have to live in a two-up-two-down in melancholy-on-sea and commute for 6 hours to work, and you can forget about deliveroo-ing your favourite aubergine and tallegio pizza.

So cover up that stain on the sofa (wine, mercifully) with a jazzy cushion, and mask the big crack on the wall with a great new print. You’ll never notice the patchy paintwork on the walls if you steer clear of bright bulbs – go for mood lighting with lamps and candles instead. And if in doubt, just buy a shit load of palms… 

1. Pastel Portrait III, £90, Joe Cruz

2. Gold Birdy Table, £80, Urban Outfitters

3. Sea Fun Fridge Magnets, £10, Etsy 

4. Geometric Printed Duvet Set, £20, Matalan 

5. Ghost Rocks, £17, Goodhood London 

6. Mongolian Lamb Cushion, £49, West Elm

7. Cloud Shelf, £30, Urban Outfitters 

8. Leaves Pot. £47, Universal Isaacc

9. Mirror with Leather Strap, £39.99, Zara Home

10. Pink Lava Lamp, £32, Urban Outfitters 


11. Marble Plate, £15, SCP

12 Digital clock, £29.95, Muji

13. Block Print Cushion Cover, £7.99, H&M





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