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Things To Buy If You're Struggling To Live Between Your House And Your Boyfriend's Houses

The Debrief: Because you're not in that place yet

Because you’re not 'in that place’, you and your boyfriend don’t live together yet. This either stems from you guys only going out for a few months (years in my case), your lifelong fear of commitment or the abject laziness that’s preventing you from being arsed to pack. Take your pick. Either way, it's absolutely fine, you do what you want, when you want. 

 If you’re not there yet though then we’re sure you’re more than well aware of the perils that come with living between two places. Here’s a few things to buy that might make it marginally easier. If you have taken the plunge then congrats, good for you, but I’m sure you’ve got a whole other set of problems because life's great like that.

These jeans

Just a dead cheap bargain basement pair will do, they don’t need to be fancy, just classic. This is to most excellently combat the times when you get drunk, decide that going home to yours where you have a whole wardrobe of clothes to wear to work the next day is a terrible idea and go thirty minutes out of your way only to pass out face down on the floor next to  your boyfriend’s bed. At least the following morning will be made slightly more palatable due to the fact you can pull on said jeans, team it with one of his tops and avoid the fresh hell of wearing the same clothes to work that you did the previous day. Just remember to return the jeans to his or the same sorry cycle starts again.

Jeans, £12


These pots

His toiletries consist of soap and that’s it. Which is really handy for you and your seven-step skincare routine. Since you obviously can’t afford to shell out for two lots of serum (serum is so stupidly expensive, like, so stupid), invest in these snazzy little tubs which you can siphon some of your skincare off into and leave (and hide well) at his. No more dry face.

Pots, £2.04


A Towel

Generalising massively about menfolk here but my boyfriend has a mountain of washing that’s higher than the people on Miley Cyrus’s Instagram and I’m guessing yours has the same. It is with great certainty then that I reject the use of his towels  for use on my naked body because said washing pile denotes that they haven’t been washed since before Kimye did Vogue. My towel though? My rules. Take it home for washes in between.

Towel, £4.99


Penny Pants

I mean not literally pants worth a penny, more like the cheapest pants you can possibly buy in the largest quantity possible. Important because now you’re a grown up, wearing yesterday’s pants inside out shouldn’t be A Thing.

Pants pack, £2.50


All the chargers in the world

Chargers have got a funny old habit of disappearing round at your boyfriends' place. Made all the worse since he got himself exactly the same phone as you. If you'd like to leave one there then (and why not? It makes sense since your phone has a battery life of roughly 20 minutes) make sure it's unpilferable by choosing one that doesn't look like the same identikit one everyone else has. These super cheap rainbow coloured ones are pretty much the perfect antidote to wandering hands. Plus, the fabric means they're dead strong and won't do that annoying loose connection thing.

Chargers, £2.49


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