Katie Lyssejko | Contributing Writer | Thursday, 21 September 2017

Ultimate Houseplant Hack

If Your Houseplants Keep Dying, We Might Have Found A Solution

The Debrief: The ultimate houseplant hack?

Houseplants are notoriously tricky to look after, they’re an adulthood milestone and basically your first step to having children (that's true, right?). Though there are many house plants hacks to help keep them alive, some of us are just not naturally green-fingered. Like many millennials, houseplants may be the bane of your existence, but we may have just found the perfect solution to your seedling woes.

PUTPUT a Copenhagen based artistic duo have proven that you don’t actually need real-life living plants to have greenery in your flat. The pair, who ‘explore the perceptual effects of putting everyday objects in surprising contexts’ have given us the ultimate houseplant hack.

All you need is a little imagination and a massive amount of everyday household green objects. Think drink bottles, dusters, hairbrushes, scissors, sponges - literally anything you have lying around. As long as it’s green you’re good to go. Once you have gathered all your greenery then just ‘plant’ them in your neglected pots and voila – the empty corner in your flat will be a gardener’s paradise. We know  you may not get the same aesthetic as all those Instagram worthy cheeseplants and succulents, but what you will get is a sense of nature and a talking point next time your friends come over for movie night. 

So next time you are at your local charity shop or car boot sale keep your eyes peeled for some emerald scissors and lime green hairbrushes as they may be your new bedside table plant!

Images courtesy of PUTPUT

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