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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide, Filled With Presents You're Gonna Wish Were Under Your Tree Too

The Debrief: Still stuck for what to buy for Christmas? Presenter Gemma Cairney Picks Out The presents we'd really quite like ourselves

Did Black Friday leave you feeling a bit dirty? It got my mind boggling desperately to muster something good about the consumerism over the festive season. If there’s anything about Christmas, it’s the presents, right? And, I don’t just mean the chance for the ‘gobble, gobble, want, want, MUST have’ chants in our hearts to sing.

I’m talking the present buying. For the ones we love. So I’ve come up with an alternative top seven presents, designed by independent UK brands. Here’s how to shop this festive season for everyone in your life:

Karen Mabon Graphic Print Scarf: Your stylish alternative to panic-buy Tie Rack Purchase


Life was easy then. But now I’ve found the 2015 version. Karen Mabon’s dreamscape graphic scarves have made it possible to wear fun times. They are delicious colours and suitable for mums, aunties and hipster cousins alike. They’re a steal at £35 and here’s to the wearing of penguins rather than crying at them on that advert. My new obsession.

Collars: For lovers of Doggy Style


So HOT of the press, Doggie Apparel only opened five weeks ago in Margate on the south-east coast, Dog accessories just got swish. These velvet-lined, hand-made dog leads are made with quality materials and careful attention to doggy swag, in traditional tartans and rave plaids. The designer, Jo, a graduate of London College of Fashion, decided to turn her talent for making her dog Squiggles’ outfits into a business. Message them ASAP to order a bespoke lead for the person that you know loves their dog more than any human really.

Pom Pom Earrings: For any fan of Girls


Not to boast but I met Lena Dunham a few weeks ago. It was everything you’d hope it’d be. Rewind to a couple of days beforehand. WHAT DO YOU DO, when you know you’re going to meet Lena Dunham? Prepare a feminist monologue? Get her a friendship bracelet and tell her you just know you’d be the best, best mates? I thought I would take her some of my favourite fluffy, Pom Pom earrings from ShopFloorWhore. She loved the Pom Poms. And so will whoever you’re buying for, as they are awesome. They come in a load of colours and are just £20.

Purple Cloud Pillow: The ideal gift for Kids


Etsy, an emporium of crafty geniuses making the things that I wish I could. THIS purple cloud pillow is basically everything. Because what child do you know that wouldn’t want to squeeze a purple, fluffy cloud? Also, it’s delciosuly purple enough to slightly annoy the parents. WIN WIN.  NB, it does come in mauve, grey, blue and white too, but purple is best.

House of Hackney Heels: perfect for your BFFs


The original rock ’n’ roll shoemaker (who used to boot the likes of Led Zeppelin and Bianca Jagger back in the day), Terry De Havilland’s collaboration with House of Hackney is spot on.  If you want to get someone something beyond their wildest dreams, these are they. They aren’t cheap, so give them to someone very special – or club together with a load of you to make someone incredibly happy. And on the plus side, these shoes double up as art. AND you can get the best shoes in the world, in a print to match your dress, your sofa and your curtains.

Pin-Dippy T-Shirts: For your super edgy sibling


Cute, affordable and totally different – for most sisters, little brothers and boyfriends of the kook variety – Pin Dippy is the answer. Pin Dippy’s doodles add discombobulating twists on simple basic tees and sweatshirts made by actor Jessie Cave. Plus, they come wrapped carefully in tissue paper with stickers. <3 I love

Custhom Serving Plate: An easy way to make turkey look acceptable


The Palladian platter is for those who love Pinterest’s design and interior blogs. A fantastical gold-rimmed, blue and white gigantic bit of crockery, from design duo Custhom. It’s a smart present that will gain you multiple grown-up points with your mum or nan.

Happy Shopping! Let me know how ya get on!

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