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The Debrief is hosting a Valentines Day Illustrator Competition!

Are You An Illustrator? Enter The Debrief's Non-Crap Valentine's Day Card Competition!

The Debrief: We want you to design us some brilliant alternatives to the rubbishy lovey dovey rubbish you can buy in the card shops

Valentine's Day cards are the worst. The actual worst. They're either so overly cutesy they make you want to vomit all down yourself or, they look like they were designed in 1983 a feature an illustration of a rose that's been nicked straight from the front of a vintage Jackie Collins novel.

This is where you come in. The Debrief is holding a competition for you lot to design us a brilliant, non-crap Valentines Day card to save the rest of us from the hell that is purchasing one for your loved one. The three winners will have their cards featured on site as downloadable PDFs and have an artist profile featured on the site in coming weeks.

All we want you to do is:

Design a non-cheesy, Debrief style Valentines day card at 300dpi. It needs to be square shaped. 

A few things you should know:

Latest entries to be filed by 11th February please, this will give us time to decide on 3 winners and get the cards on site so our readers can download in time for Vday 

Send your entries to: and make sure your name, age and website/ contact details are clearly marked

3 winners will have their creations available to download as PDFs on The Debrief site and a profile article will be published in the following weeks.

Thanks and good luck! 

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