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The Debrief Awards: Awesome Girls Who Serviced Our Screens In 2014

The Debrief: Forget the Oscars, here's our best leading ladies

Girls did good on both the small AND big screen in 2014. Here's a few of our faves.

Best Shameless Particpiation In A Shameless Tearjerker - Shailene Woodley
As we get older we pride ourselves on not crying all the time like when we were a teenager. Thanks then to Shailene Woodley for destroying years of building up a stony exterior in twenty minutes flat with The Fault In Our Stars which was like, the most audacious attempt to make viewers cry ever; cancer! Anne Frank! First loves! We never stood a chance.

The OMG YOU'RE JUST LIKE US Award - Jenny Slate
The first person to prize this award from Jennifer Lawrence's strong grip in a good couple of years. But c'MON has there ever been a more accurate depiction of a twenty-something girl on the screen than Jenny's character in Obvious Child? I mean, apart from the cool Brooklyn postcode, the comedy career, and the whole shagging the delightful Jake Lacy thing, it was like watching ourselves.

Comeback Queen - Keira Knightley
Remember a few years back when people were all like ‘Oh Keira Knightley can’t act’, how about not one but TWO films in the space of two months proving every hater out there wrong. First came Say When (Laggies in the US) which saw Keira go all relatable and put off growing up, then came The Imitation Game in which she totally held her own next to BentoBox Cumbysnatch himself who, as we all know is the best thing to happen since sliced bread.

Unexpected Sci-Fi Muse Of The Year - Scarlett Johansson
2014 saw not one but THREE very excellent oddball sci-fi films that starred Scar-Jo as a woman not to be messed with in the world of science fiction. From the manipulative Samantha in Her, to the oddly beautiful alien in Under The Skin (one of our favourite films of the year for sure) to the fountain of knowledge Lucy in erm, Lucy, we're into Scarlett in a big way this year.

Sasstastic Sasquatch Award For Finger Snapping Independent Womaning - Julianna Margulies
Finally the year that Britain stopped resisting and dived head first into the excellence that is The Good Wife. If you've spent this year binge watching it (a la our fearless editor Hattie), you've been through quite a ride with Julianna's character Alicia Florrick from meek and mild suburban housewife to ass-kicking, power-dressing major player. One day we will dress like her. We will.

The Tavi Gevinson Award For Youth Excellence - Martha Collinson
The youngest Bake Off contestant by a country mile, 17 year old Martha showed experience far beyond her tender years in this the toughest of all baking competitions that can be undertaken. Despite doing her A-Levels AND being head girl of her school, Martha still managed to make it through to episode eight before eventually being derailed by a spiced plum iced bread swirl (of all the things).

Group Dedication To A Single Cause - The Whole Cast Of Orange Is The New Black
Literally not a weak link among the entire cast although special mention from this year's series goes to Uzo Aduba for her portrayal of Crazy Eyes and her transformation from lovable oddball to malicious henchman, Samira Wiley (Poussey) for services to Instagram and Yael Stone as Morello for best OMFG I DID NOT SEE THAT ONE COMING.

The Sheryl Sandberg Award For Leaning In With Malevolent Intent - Robyn Wright
Despite one Debriefer's protestations that her character in House Of Cards is almost definitely a ghost, Claire Underwood is alive and well and, it turns out, just as evil as her husband Frank. Also, the inspiration behind a million pixie crops and a sudden need to wear a cream suit, without spilling all down it.

The Award For Murdering In Cold Blood In Way That Made You Unsure Whether To Air Punch Or Vomit - Maisie Williams
Arya Stark, we're not worthy. Lesson learned; don't mess with a teenage girl scorned.

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