Natalia Bagniewska | Creative Editor | Saturday, 17 December 2016

The Colour of 2017: Greenery. Here\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s how to greenify your home on the cheap.

The Colour of 2017: Greenery. Here's How To Greenify Your Home On The Cheap

The Debrief: Snotty? A little. But it's the colour of next year god damn it.

OK so, it is a little snotty isn’t it? But we are determined to love it; we love everything pantone. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about let me explain: Greenery. Pantone’s colour of 2017. It’s not the easiest of colours to live with (I really don’t want zingy green walls, thanks). However, with hints of this stuff your pad could start looking 2017 hip in a matter of minutes. And in the words of The Pantone Colour Institute itself, Greenery is 'a refreshing and revitalizing shade, it’s symbolic of new beginnings.' Buh-bye 2016, roll on 2017, you year full of hope and rejuvenation you. We’ve trawled through Pinterest to find the most inspiring interior ideas Greenery has to offer.

How about… A Green lampshade

Easy peasy lemon squeasy (or should I say lime squeasy..?) Especially if you can buy a similar one for £3.60

Or maybe some green glasses? Just a touch of green

Drink your green wine (it’s a thing, google it) and your green juices out of these bad boys

If In Doubt Grab A Fail Safe – The Pillow

I actually love this pillow here, its green and its ombre!


Another tiny touch, a green vase

For all the green flowers, see?

Turn your greenery into everything cacti, this chair is a dream for your bum

Oliver Bonas you dream you.

Lucky enough to have stairs?!

Get yourself a carpet runner!


You don’t have stairs?!

If, like most of us, you don’t have your own stairs, why no buy a little green rug to liven up your white boring bathroom? FYI this bathroom is not boring or white, I bloody love it

If all else fails …

Just buy some bloody plants. You know you wanna.

All pictures courtesy of Pinterest

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