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The Best Tricks To Play On All Your Friends This April Fools\\\' Day

The Best Tricks To Play On All Your Friends This April Fools' Day

The Debrief: Rated on a scale of one to committed

The one requiring mimimum effort 

The trick for the laziest of prankers is childish, but it does involve only sending a few texts. Just copy this version I tried out on my boyfriend yesterday. Oh, and ignore the fact that he called me ‘smally’. In fact, tell anyone that and I’ll hunt you down.   



The ‘I’m a magician, honest!’

A step up from that old trick you used to do at school where you’d be all like, ‘I can do a trick!’ then get your victim to place both hands flat on the table, balance two full glasses of water on top... and then walk off an leave them.

This clever little girl though has taken the magic prank to the next level by claiming she can make the water disappear. Take one bottle of water (lid off), tell your victim to have a ganders to check there’s nothing fishy going on with the bottle, stick a towel over it, wave your magic wand and whip the towel off before inviting your victim to have a look to check the water’s gone.

This is when you squeeze HARD and splash the water in their face. Childish but effective. Look how happy it makes the dad.

The one that could very easily go wrong

By all means try this one out, but if we were you we’d make sure that a) your victim isn’t too jumpy and b) you’ve got a steady hand.

Get yourself one of those cheapo hair extension things from Claire’s that matches your friend’s hair, take a pair of scissors (the louder the better) and snip somewhere near (NEAR, I REPEAT NEAR) her hair. When she turns around wave the fake hair her in front of her until she either starts to laugh or kills you dead.


The Old Classic

We used to play this one at Christmas every year although, looking back, considering it only works if one person hasn’t played it before, perhaps the adults were just playing along for our benefit.

Basically, the Spoon Game works like this: take one unsuspecting person and challenge her to a game. Explain to her that you’re each going to put spoons in your mouth and try and hit the other player on the head. Then, take two long-handled wooden spoons, put them in your mouths then bend forward and tell them to hit you. They won’t be able to do it very hard, don’t worry.

Now say it’s your turn. Make a big song and dance out of lifting up your head (and spoon) ready to reign down hell, then when their head’s bowed, get your mate to give them a good old whack instead. It’ll probably take four or five goes before they figure out your evil game.

The Spotify hack

Wait until your housemate or colleague steps away from their computer, click open their Spotify and find yourself a playlist that’s got a lot of songs in (ie enough that they won’t notice a few extra addtions). From there, the world’s your Oyster. May we humbly suggest some of these sex noises? Or perhaps this howling dog? Either way, the slow burn will feel good.

 Here’s a bunch to choose from...

The one that’s too cruel for words

This wasn’t necessary, was it guys?


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