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Stationary Porn: This Lot Will Make You Want To Revamp Your Desk Pronto

Stationery Porn: This Lot Will Make You Want To Revamp Your Desk Pronto

The Debrief: How's about a bit of filthy sexy stationery porn to brighten up your day?

Guys, I'm going to need you to take a seat for this one. This week is (wait for it) National Stationery Week.

If you'd forgotten about this hallowed week then shame on you. How often have items of stationery helped to celebrate your birthday? Pens, pencils, pieces of card and the like, they've all come together to help you have a super great day and you didn't even remember when it was their special time.

But we remembered, because we care. So we decided to bring you a shoot showing off the best stationery bits you can buy. So, without further ado, we present Stationery Porn.

Stationary we are craving. Scissors & ruler from HAY, string from Tiger

Super useful string, £1, Tiger (in store only); Instagrammable Ruler, £7, HAY at Selfridges; Super shiny Scissors, £9, HAY at Selfridges

Stationary we are craving. Pencils from Ohh Deer, pen holder from Tiger.

Grass desk tidy, £4, Tiger (in store only), Mean Girls quote pencils, £3.75, Ohh Deer

Stationary we are craving. Notebook & tray from HAY, clipboard, eraser & tape from London Graphic Centre.

Notepad, £6; Tray, £11, both HAY at Selfridges; Clipboard, £4.95, London Graphic Centre, Eraser, £1.25, London Graphic Centre; Washi tape, £13.95 for five rolls, London Graphic Centre. 

Stationary we are craving. Notebook fro WRAP, scissors from HAY, pen from London Graphics Centre.

Notebook, £8, WRAP; Scissors, £9, HAY at Selfridges; Pen, £7.50, London Graphic Centre

Stationary we are craving. Neon tape & pencils all from London Graphic Centre

Neon gaffer tape, £1.99; Neon pencils, £2.99, both London Graphic Centre

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