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Our favourite Etsy stores

The Best Of Etsy: 7 Sellers To Bookmark Now

The Debrief: The very best Etsy sellers that you'll want in your life now

Does anyone else feel slightly overwhelmed every time they've logged on to Etsy? We do. Look, we know it's a hub of amazing designers and crafter types - but keeping up with the very best would basically be a full-time job… So we trawled through the site and found our very favourite sellers - so you wouldn't have to. Enjoy… 

Best For Jewellery: Rebecca Gladstone 

Delicate jewellery from Rebecca Gladstone on Etsy

Minimal cool gold and silver pieces for minimal budgets. Plus super sassy campaign shots.

Best For Stationery: NEONLDN

Our favourite stationary on Etsy. These neon bits ROCK.

You're not going to miss your present under the tree if you wrap it with these gems... So fun. Sunglasses recomended.

Best For Fashion: SheVamps

Etsy fashion picks

With festival season fast approaching these guys will kit your wardrobe right out. 

Best For Art: CuriousPrints

Vintage nature illustrations on Etsy

They're not so curious, actually just quite fit. This sellers prints of them would look great on any wall.

Best For Animals: Yvonneellen


Flamingo plates & gin teapots on Etsy

Plates with Flamingos on them. Enough said. 

Best For Home: KnottyKnottyMacrame

These plant pot holders from Etsy = dreamy

Plants are basically this year's hipster beard. And you get extra points for hanging them in a cool knotted pot. 

Best For Undies: MissCroftonUnderwear

Our favourite lingerie seller on Etsy: high waisted, sexy lace & triangle bras galore.

Looking for super sexy undies on a budget, THIS is the place. 

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