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The Anti-Anxiety Apps That Might (Hopefully) Just Change Your Life And Mood Forever

The Debrief: Because we seriously need to learn how to chill out.

Generation Y. Millennials. Whatever you want to call us, we’re apparently super-anxious all the time. Clinical psychologist Linda Papadopoulos has said that 25-year-olds are experiencing the same kind of 'existential angst' that she used to see in 40-year-olds. Basically, we’re all quarter life-crisising and need to chill the fuck out.

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Which is why you should be making your Smartphone work with you with these anti-anxiety apps… 

Relax Melodies, free, iPhone
Say buh-bye to insomnia with the five-star rated app that promises to get you asleep in 20 minutes or less. You basically choose from 50 different relaxing sounds and adjust them to create unique mixes that will aid you fall asleep.

Worry Box, free, Android
If you can list more than three things you're worried about right now then this is the app for you. This worry diary aims to help you cope with all your woes by allowing you to write a step-by-step guide on how you're going to manage it and if it's not changeable, you can select from a list of positive statements to think about it all differently. And, it's all password protected so 100% confidential.

Anxiety Free, free, iPhone
Yep. It does what it says on the tin but probably in a way you've never tried before. If you've got more issues than Vogue, you can use this app to teach yourself clinical self-hypnosis where you'll use subliminal signals to talk to your subconscious. It starts with 30 minute audio recordings but once you're a self-hynosis pro, you can use it for just 15.

Breathe2Relax, free, iPhone
Think of this as your portable de-stress took. It'll teach you breathing exercises that you can use a stress management tool and will help stabilise your moods and manage your anxiety/anger.

Self-help For Anxiety Management (SAM), free, iPhone/Android
This is your pocket self-help book that will give you methods to practice depending on how your feeling and why. There are over 25 exercises covering physical relaxation, mental relaxation and thinking and anxiety.

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