Emma Gannon | Social Media Editor | 1,005 day ago

That Famous Friends Music Video Without Music Is The Cutest Thing Ever

The Debrief: Lose Your Lunch hour: The Friend's cast awkwardly moving around and hugging each other in silence

Our new favourite thing? This YouTube series called #WithoutMusic, that gives you music videos without the backing track. You'd think it'd be a bit awkward; after all the cast know that at some point there will be music laid over the top, so they can make whatever sounds they want to. No-one will ever know. Right?

Until some joker on YouTube decides to publish it to the world, for LOLS. This music video is so cute, you can see how close the cast are and how they are still relatviely new to the whole "acting in Friends" malarky. It can now be confirmed that Ross falling in the fountain definitely made a splash.  

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