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Lucy Davidson | Contributing Writer | Monday, 2 February 2015

Take Your Cocktails To The Next Level By Growing Your Own Herbs - Here's How

The Debrief: Because a mojito is nothing without the fresh mint

Since you're an excellent cocktail maker now, how about you take things to the next level and start growing your own herbs to put in them? Just imagine, you could grow mint for a Mojito or Old Cuban basil for your Basil Caipiroska. The only problem is, do you have the faintest idea how to start your own herb garden? Nope, us either....


So we asked excellent blogger Lucy (PeasAndNeedles) to help us out and put together a tutorial on how to grow your herbs and she really came through.. Read on to find out how to make your own cocktail herb garden at home.

Step One


Things you will need: various packets of seeds (mint, basil, rosemary, chilli), compost, planting pots, ice lolly sticks, decorative masking tape and a shallow wooden tray.

Step Two


Lay out your planting pots and fill two thirds of the pots with compost. Sprinkle some seeds into each pot, about three or four making sure to space them out as much as possible.


Step Three


Remembering which pot had which seeds in, fill the pot to the top with compost. Tap the top down so the compost is secure. To make some labels for your plants collect some lolly pop sticks and cover the ends with decorative masking tape. Make sure to write on the masking tape which herb is which!

Step Four


Make sure you keep them inside at this time of the year - it's just too darn cold for your little guys outside. Keeping them by a window in the sun is the best way of creating a warmer environment for your plants plus, remember GCSE biology? Photosynthesis ain't happening in the dark. 

Step Five


In a week or so you will see small little sprouts of plants. Make sure to keep watering them; how much depends on the specific seed. For basil, aim for every other day (unless it gets really hot or you feel the soil getting a little dry), the same for mint. In terms of the chilli, it can handle a little less water (perhaps every three days) unless it's really sunny, in which case make sure you're not letting the soil get to the point where it feels dry to the touch. If you do see any flies or insects taking a liking to your herb plants, then dilute 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid in 5 litres of hot water and give your plants a spray. After a few weeks or so you will have a bunch of glorious herb plants ready to adorn your cocktails!

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