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The Calorie Free Foodie Experience And More Stuff To Do This Easter Weekend

The Calorie Free Foodie Experience And More Stuff To Do This Easter Weekend

The Debrief: Plus the club night that only plays Beyonce? Yes please

We’ve already established that you didn’t plan a mini-break this weekend / didn’t have enough money to get further than the next town (the economy might be recovering but seriously, rent is getting more crippling by the day)  but that doesn’t mean you need to stay indoors with only a six pack of creme eggs for company. Grab your friends for nights that celebrate the world’s biggest stars, learn a new skill to impress your workmates when you return from the break or feast at new events that celebrate puddings and the humble pie.  

Clubs if you believe that variety isn’t the spice of life… 
Gold Teeth, Beyonce Special @ Brixton Jamm, London
Fri April 3
Drake Night @ The Laundry, London 
Fri April 3 
Ever find yourself leaning against a speaker stack, sighing and wondering just why the DJ keeps on changing up the genres they are playing? The artist even? Then these two nights this weekend are just for you.   In South London at Brixton’s Jamm Gold Teeth present a Beyonce special, playing only Bey and Destiny’s Child all night long. Take your best friends along and try and take a picture that shows you’re having as much fun as these three.

If You’re Reading This (On Saturday) It’s Too Late (to go) but East London on Friday night is Drake’s realm, with the says -what-it-does-in-the-title DRAKENIGHT returning for it’s third and biggest instalment at the Laundry. If you haven’t got the new mixtape yet, get learning the words… quick.

The event if you refuse to take a break (and need a new skirt…) 
Intensive Sewing Classes @ Fashion Antidote, London 
Fri Apr 3 
Attend one of these days from fashion school Fashion Antidote and by the end of the Bank Hol you’ll have picked up a new skill and rustled up something bright for Spring/Summer 2015 (although the way this wind is blowing you’ll only get to wear it in July). Fashion Antidote offer a range of courses that will make you more self sufficient style wise, with a one day intensive course this weekend promising to pass on knowledge of threading, basic sticking, simple darts, hems, button holes, commercial patterns and putting clothes together.

The beauty spot to visit because you couldn’t afford that spa break…
Cheeky Parlour @ Barber & Parlour, London 
Fri 3 Apr 
Thought briefly at trying to escape to the country and the ridiculous looking Babbington House before realising that it would cost you a month and a halfs rent and they probably wouldnt let you in anyway? Us too. Instead, head to the Shoreditch House owned Cheeky Parlour, part of Barber and Parlour, on Redchurch St in London. Nails are £14 and you can visit the newly refurbished Electric Cinema afterwards to catch new fashion doc Dior & I. So so glamorous.  

The food experience that’s calorie free…  
50 Chefs: The Hands That Feed London @ London Newcastle Gallery, London 
From Fri April 3  
Photographer Kate Wilson has spent the last ten years photographing chefs and ‘The Hands That Feed London’ for this new exhibition on East London’s Redchurch Street. After becoming 'fascinated with the scars worn with pride on the hands of the chefs (she) met' she went and photographed everyone from Angela Hartnett (pictured above) and Ottolenghi to the unknown chefs behind the kitchen doors. 'Over the last ten years our interest in food has evolved enormously and as a result everyone has had to up their game - not just at the top end but local cafes too' says Kate 'It is us Londoners - in all our diversity - who have made this City the serious food capital it has become,'  Extra good news - sales of prints from the exhibition will go to food charity Fareshare that distributes wasted produce to those that need it nationwide.

The event for sweet treat that isn’t an easter egg…
Month Of Sundaes @ Pond, London
Sun April 5   
At Pond in Dalston (Dalston’s only Hawaiian restaurant… I think) they’re starting a ‘Month of Sundaes with a different pudding featuring at the restaurant every week. Due to the holiday the first theme is ‘Chocolate’, with a five course dessert menu (yes, all puds) with wine. Fingers crossed at least one course features a Creme Egg though…  

Or hearty food events that will remind you of home… 
Sunday Roast @ Camp & Furnace, Liverpool
Belgrave Pie & Cider Festival @ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds 
Sun April 5  

Or just give up on doing anything particularly inventive and indulge in a big Easter roast. Camp & Furnace in Liverpool is serving up its idea of a family gathering with everyone sat at big communal trestle tables, uncarved joints sent out from the kitchen and big homemade sharing puddings. The Sunday Times described it as ‘the stuff of legend’. In Leeds they’re also getting stuck in to something hearty before it gets warm and we decide we only want to eat whatever this year’s fashionable salad is (radishes, maybe?). On Sunday the Belgrave Pie & Cider Festival will feature 30 varieties of cider, 50 types of pie and presumably a room full of people with serious indigestion. 

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