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All The Important Discounts To Sign Up To Now You’re A Student

All The Important Discounts To Sign Up To Now You’re A Student

The Debrief: Attention freshers, final years and everyone in between! There are savings to be made

The price of studying at university isn’t exactly cheap. Tuition fees are obviously a huge thing, and the interest on paying back your student loan is another financial slap in the face, of course. But the one monetary aspect of being a student that sweetens the blow of your bank balance being little more than a big gaping black hole for the foreseeable future is that the discounts you have at your disposal are actually really fucking good.  

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So, do the sensible thing and sign up to all of these sooner rather than later because let’s face it, every little really does count (and it’s far easier to justify that spontaneous ASOS purchase with 20% off) 

NUS Extra Card

First things first - the humble NUS card. Don't roll your eyes at it, you need it. Trust me. Of course, I didn't bother signing up for mine until my third year of university only to inwardly hate myself for the remainder of my studies for not having gotten one sooner. It is the gateway to most discounts. Also, because it has a date on, most retailers prefer this to your battered SU card so they have some indication that you are actually still at university.

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Again, you're probably already aware of the majesty that is Unidays, but let's not underestimate its value. The great thing about it is that it doesn't involve being sent another plastic form of ID to worry about losing, if you download their handy app you've got your ID to hand at all times. Even if you don't take your purse/wallet/satchel out and about with you. In terms of discount offerings, they cover similar bases to the NUS card but don't seem to be quite as readily accepted in IRL stores and stuff. But in the online world, can't fault 'em. 

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Amazon Prime Student

Yep. Amazon Prime Student is a whole thing we were all completely oblivious to. Signing up to Amazon Prime Student will give you a six-month free trial (which is like, basically two-thirds of the academic year) and then if you want to stick it out for the long haul you'll get a 50% discount off the cost of an actual Amazon Prime membership. So you get the one-day delivery, music, tv shows, music - the whole shebang for £39 per year. Also, super sensible stuff like 10% off textbooks is involved too. 

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Spotify student discount

Mate. The first rule of house parties is to think carefully about music. That involves ditching those annoying adverts between the songs on your Spotify playlist and taking the leap towards the world of subscribed music service. How ever will I afford it, you ask? Spotify Premium have a 50% student discount so it's just £4.99 per month. Next to a round of £1 Jager bombs that's practically nothing. Ish. 

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Student Beans

Student beans (no, I'm not too sure why it's called beans either) is similar to Unidays in the sense that when you create an account, it'll provide you with a unique code to enter in promotional fields online to retrieve a discount. They also have a handy app too, which is fun.

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16-25 Railcard

You're going to want to make the journey back home at some point. And despite the fact that occasions like Christmas and Easter are pretty set in date, you'll still forget/not bother to book your train tickets in advance. And while the prices are more often than not disgustingly overpriced, a 16-25 railcard will take the sting out a little bit. You can also get 12% discount on the discount with Student Beans. 

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National Express and Megabus discount

Can't afford the train? Yeah, didn't think so. The good news is that both National Express and Megabus are offering student discounts on their coaches for those last minute panic trips home when you realise that your mum's shepherds pie is the only thing that'll get you through your coursework.

National Express accepts Student Beans, NUS and Unidays, and Megabus accepts NUS cards

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