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5 Secret Santa Gifts For Your Colleagues For Under £5

The Debrief: Oh great, you're stuck with Graham from accounts. What can you buy him last minute?

Oh great, your Christmas party's here and you've not bothered to get your Secret Santa anything. Here's a few last minute, easily attainable gifts that'll totally nail it.

Barbara from Marketing

leaf print cushion

Barbara recently bought a house. You know this because she won't stop banging on about it. Also, her Instagram is a constant feed of recently 'finished' rooms in the house. The 'Scandi influenced living room' the 'vintage Miami chic dining room' the #houseporn hashtag that accompanies everything. Well done Barbara. Congratulations on becoming part of the home-owning elite. Give Barbara this actually really expensive looking House of Hackney-esque palm print cushion from Primark. At least you can look forward to being featured on an upcoming Instagram post.

Leaf Print Cushion, Primark, £5

Kevin from HR


rogue one playing cards

Kevin is more excited about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story coming out than he has been about anything else all year. In fact, the only time you've heard Kevin make a noise in the past three months was back in August when the trailer dropped and you're pretty sure Kevin had a little cry at his desk. The only Rogue One merchandise you're going to be able to afford are these playing cards from Rymans which feature all the cast. You're welcome Kevin.

Rogue One playing cards, Rymans, £3.99

Karen from IT

mug sass and belle

Karen is a mum. Karen has pictures of her kids as her desktop background, Karen has pictures her kids drew pinned up all around her desk. Karen is nice. She looks after you when you're hungover, she gives excellent hugs when you're down and, once a week, she bakes. Karen is the best. Get Karen this mug to show how excellent you think she is. Get it from Sass & Belle shops or overnight delivery from ASOS.

Mug, Sass & Belle, £4.50

Mike from Sales

milk frother

Mike is the office dish. Mike wears Palace t-shirts, nice utility jackets, skateboards to work and spends his weekends looking pensive in arty Instagram shots taken in trendy low-lit pubs. Mike is also VERY SERIOUS ABOUT CRAFT BEER AND COFFEE. Get Mike this milk frother to add another level to his already ridiculously wanky morning coffee routine.

Milk Frother, Tiger, £3

Sarah from your department


You lucked out with this one. Sarah is basically you. Sarah is your age, your partner in crime and your mate. You lucky sod you. Get Sarah these cool rings from H&M to say 'hey, you, thank you for not telling our boss that time I was sick in the bin in the meeting room after last year's Christmas party. I appreciate that.'

Ring set, H&M, £3.99

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