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5 Ways You Can Totally Up Your Bar Cart Game

5 Ways You Can Totally Up Your Bar Cart Game

The Debrief: You’re quite clearly a real grown up now who needs a bar cart.

Having friends over for a fancy dinner party is one thing, but imagine if they turned up and you had (along with a three-course meal) a casual bar cart next to your fancily laid table. How grown up of you, you’re quite clearly a real grown up now. Have we tempted you into creating your own bar cart? Good. Now here’s where you can buy some of the stuff you’ve seen knocking around on Pinterest 

1. Pick your bar cart style 

This square one from Oliver Bonas is pricey but look at it *insert heart eye emojis.*  Or maybe vintage is more your style, this blue three tiered one is a dream.

2. Feeling brave? Make your own 

This is a really great DIY if you want to have a go yourself.  

3. Stock up on bar cart accessories 


You can literally never have enough paper straws. Completely pointless to drink out of because they get wet and the drink gets stuck, but we can't resist. Amazon sells tons of straws with cute designs. And you might need some napkins incase your guests want to hold one with their drink. Which they will probably never do, but still - these Paperchase ones are a winner. 

4. And a tray for the booze 


You’re going to need a nice looking metallic tray to place all that gin on. H&M home has some really great affordable ones in lots of different sizes, like this gold one. 

5. Get some actual alcohol 


You’re going to need some actual alcohol for that bar cart. Why not display it in pretty glass bottles and pretend it’s the expensive stuff rather than £9.99 gin from your local corner shop. Check out this vintage style one, no one will ever know the alcohol is actually really cheap. 

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