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Ombre Interiors

6 Amazing Ombre Ideas For Your Home Because It's Not Just For Hair #Pinterest

The Debrief: Move over, Caroline Flack - the ombre we want right now is in our house

When we think 'ombre' we normally think Caroline Flack's hair circa 2012, which has its right place in hair history. But ombre's not just something you ask for at the hairdresser: it's now a big deal in interior design too.

We've trawled Pinterest for some amazing ombre stuff that'll brighton up your grotty shared flat in seconds, which, let's face it, was hardly the worst of jobs. 

Credit: saskiabaker 

We love these mugs that sort of remind us of a glowing candle. Your tea is guaranteed to taste even warmer out of one of these bad boys.

Credit: lashy1

Hit up B&Q if you fancy recreating this ombre-effect tiled wall. You'll feel arty if you manage to pull it off. 

Credit: ejg768

Dylon's Flamingo Pink hand dye is all you need to satisfy your dip-dye dreams. Oh, and some white fabric. 

Credit:  ipagnotta

You'll need to layer up orange paint - mixed with white - to create an ombre stair. Get your paint from Homebase

Credit: mrosegreen93

This pink ombre wall is something we need. NOW. Wilko has all the paint you need to start your masterpiece. 

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