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Seth And Summer Spiderman kiss the OC

OC Characters That Are Now Way More Famous Than Seth And Summer

The Debrief: And Ryan and Marissa for that matter

Seth and Summer, Ryan and Marissa: our two favourite on-off couples of the noughties, and both on one sun-drenched dream of a show. Back when The OC was in its prime, we predicted big things for its four leads.

Fast forward a decade and, while The OC stars aren’t exactly on their uppers (Ben McKenzie is the lead in Gotham, Rachel Bilson was in just-cancelled show Hart of Dixie, Adam Brody married Leighton Meister aka Blair Waldorf, and Mischa Barton had her own handbag line), the true breakout successes from the show were the extras. A-Listers like Chris Pratt and Shailene Woodley did time in Orange County, as did a heap of other famous names…

Shailene Woodley
Hollywood’s go-to gal for YA movies like
Insurgent and Fault in Our Stars played Marissa’s little sister Kaitlin in season one. Kaitlin was shipped to boarding school, only to reappear later as a different actress. Woodley auditioned for Kaitlin MK.2 but was told she looked too young. So she made a movie with Clooney instead: the best comeback for pretty much anything.

Chris Pratt
Ahhh, the many lives of Chris Pratt. Prior to ‘totally-ripped-movie-star’ Pratt, there was ‘loveable Andy in Parks and Rec’ Pratt and ‘he even pops up in Zero Dark Thirty’ Pratt. But before all of them, Pratt played Summer’s hippy mate Che in The OC’s bonkers fourth season. Here he is, butt naked and singing a song about polar bears.

Olivia Wilde
When Mischa Barton was on every mag cover, who would’ve predicted the unknown actress playing her token-lesbian-phase girlfriend would become far more successful? Olivia Wilde went from The OC to House, and onto a successful movie career with films like Rush, Drinking Buddies and Her.

Nikki Reid and Cam Gigandet 
Orange County in the noughties was a vampire training ground. No less than three Twilight actors cut their fangs in The OC. Nikki Reid played Ryan’s girlfriend Sadie and Cam Gigandet played bad boy Volchok. Jackson Rathbone also had a tiny part as Kaitlin’s drug dealing boyfriend, Justin. They were all significantly more tanned.

Max Greenfield
Hey Schmidt, where’s your douchebag jar? Years before playing everyone’s favourite Republican gym bunny on New Girl, Max Greenfield was a struggling actor delighted to get a walk-on part in The OC. He played a young Sandy Cohen in a flashback scene, complete with bushy eyebrows. 

Amber Heard
Amber Heard is having a busy 2015. She’s got five movies slated for release and she just got married to Johnny Depp. Rewind 10 years though, and Heard was an unknown actress landing walk-on parts like ‘bitchy shopgirl’ in seminal OC ep ‘The Mallpisode’ (where the gang get locked in the mall after closing, a major teenage ambition of ours).

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