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Nicki Minaj and Jessie Ware Announce They Plan To Collab, Here's Some Excellent Pop Duets We Hope They Take Inspiration From

The Debrief: Girls, I'm sure whatever you've done is fantastic, but can it match up to any of these?

In bizarro music news of the day, apple of our eyes and object of our affections Jessie Ware has teamed up with Nicki Minaj and is featured on her royal butt-ness’s upcoming album The Pinkprint.

‘So happy to be a part of @NICKIMINAJ’s new album, featuring on The Crying Game #ThePinkPrint SURPRISE! X,’ Jessie tweeted. While we’re sure whatever the two have created is spectacular, we wish they would have taken a bit of inrporation from some of the solid gold duets below.

*Totally not responsible at all for how detrimental to your street cred listening to any of these songs is, BTW.

Mel C and Bryan Adams

What do you get when you pair an old Spice Girl with an ageing soft rock king? Pure pop gold that’s what. Baby When You’re Gone is probably the pinnacle of all things duet-ty like, ever. If it’s not the super fun video of the two running around from room to room in a giant dolls house, it’s the heartfelt lyrics (‘Even food don’t taste that good!’ ‘This is torture, this is pain! Feels like I’m gonna go insane!’) that remind us that even giant ’90s pop stars suffer break ups. CELEBS, THE’YRE JUST LIKE US.

Brandy And Monica

Don’t worry guys, the whole Ariana Grande and Jessie J are going to cover The Boy Is Mine turned out to be absolute nonsense. Which is good for many reasons – the main one being that you can’t improve on perfection.  The abolsute best part? When Brandy and Monica realise in the video that NO boy is worth shitting all over the sisterhood for (even if he is  Dr Pratt in ER) and confront him.

Take That and Lulu
Before Robbie left, came back then left again and convinced Jason Orange to hit the road too (probably), and before the now-trio transformed themselves into the next best great hope to fill the shoes of the mighty One Direction (so much wrong with that sentence sorry world) they made banging pop songs. Relight My Fire with Lulu was the biggest gayest anthem for miles around. Special shout out to Mark’s baby oil crop top.

Ja Rule and JLo

Argh! Which is better? I’m Real or Ain’t It Funny? It’s a tough call but IMHO, Ain’t It Funny just comes out on top. Speaking of Ja Rule. Does anyone know what he’s been up to of late? I feel like we haven’t seen the pint-sized rapper in a while. If anyone’s got any information give a shout on The Debrief Phone and we’ll get in touch.

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
Because it’s Dolly. And because of Kenny’s beard. We’d like to run our fingers through that fuzzy white face fur while he sings The Gambler softly in our ears. Too far? Probably. Sorry.

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