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The Foolproof Mum Christmas Gift Guide

The Foolproof Mum Christmas Gift Guide

The Debrief: Get Mum something that she actually wants this year. Something that says 'sorry for ruining your vagina and stealing all of your clothes'.

Mums are great aren't they? Mums literally carried your sorry arse around for nine whole months until it was ready to fend for itself.

Twenty-something years later and you're still depending on Mum so why not get her something really nice this Christmas? Something that doesn't scream 'I picked this up in Paddington station two minutes before my train was due'.

Here's a few suggestions to cover all Mums because no two Mums are the same.

Gifts for Gardener Mum

Obviously your houseplants all die because you can't keep anything alive. You mum on the other hand is a dab hand at dealing with plants so maybe give her the very trendy greenery to look after instead. Head to Geo Fleur and pick something from her super duper cool offerings. Like this thing which is apparently called a 'himelli' and is very good at holding your air plant. You mum will also know what an air plant is. There's loads of cool pots on offer too.

Himelli with air plant, £12

Gifts for Foodie Mum

We're back on the bread for 2017 but, instead of brown breads and all that, it's going to be all about sourdough. Give Foodie Mum a headstart of the bread-volution (what were we thinking with that gluten free stuff?) with this sourdough kit. Gently suggest she tests it out while you're still at home. Eat with full fat, salty butter.

Sourdough baking kit, £18

Gifts for Beauty Mum

The other day, beauty guru Caroline Hirons gave Pestle & Mortar's Superstar Retinol Night Oil and glowing review - apparently it's the 'best retinol' she's used 'outside of a prescription'. It sold the hell out overnight. Now, it's back in stock AND there's a discount for readers of Caroline's blog. With the discount it's still £50 so maybs go in with a sibling if your budget doesn't stretch but rest assured, any Beauty Mum worth her salt will be made up with this.

Pestle & Mortar's Superstar Retinol Night Oil, £63 (£50 with discount code).

Gifts for Boozy Mum

Stay with us on this - orange wine. Really. It's going to be a VERY BIG DEAL next year. Get Boozy Mum ahead of the boozing curve by getting her a bottle (or seven). Orange wine isn't (as I originally thought) wine with orange juice in, and instead is white wine where the grape skins are left in during fermentation. Yum. This one here is supposed to be good but head to Orange Wine Shop for more choice.

Cos Pithos Bianco, £27

Gifts for Craft Mum

Craft Mum is great at making sure you've got a never ending supply of scarves, woolly jumpers and, in my case, a giant patchwork quilt that won first place at the Birmingham Patchwork Show. Get Craft Mum a nice craft bag to put her crafty wares in. Like this one from Etsy.

Craft bag, £22.99

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