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Miami Vice

8 Ways To Pretend You're In 1980's Miami Thanks To #Pinterest

The Debrief: Sure it's grey but hello Florida in your flat

Gone are the days when 'retro' was just the word you used to justify wearing your mum's baggy hand-me-downs. With bold prints and bright colours, retro has well and truly lost it's flea-bitten stigma and gone cool again. Here's some decorating insperation so you can pretend you're in 'Miami Vice' all winter long. Y'know, without having to solve any crimes. 


1. Buy this wallpaper 

Picture: Pinterest 

Flamingos are the prettiest bird - fact. Choose a feature wall to decorate in fabulous flamingos (similar here) to really make an eye-catching statement. Or if you're not feeling an idea room makeover, these flamingo wall stickers are a great alternative. 


2. Oh My God This Corner 

Picture: Pinterest 

Look how pretty and fluffy and glamorous! This truly is the Marilyn Monroe of corners. Feathers give everything a touch of glamour dah-ling, but if you don't have the space for a feather-based sculpture, try this fluffy lightshade and feel all Ab-Fab every time you get home. Team with this cool cushion if you're feeling extra elaborate, sweetie.

3. Get A Shit Load Of Plants and A Room Divider 

Picture: Pinterest 

If you live in a tiny cupboard, house plants and room dividers may seem like a laughable luxury to you, but fear not! There are plenty of houseplants in managable sizes to make you feel like you're in the tropical sunshine even when winds are howling outside, like this one, which has the unfortunate name of 'spineless yucca'.  


4. Ok You Don't Have A Beach But... 

Picture: Pinterest

Pastel shades are another sure-fire way to pretend it's summer. Chairs in pastel colours are a really easy way to add some glamour to your home without much difficulty. Plus you can sit in them with sunglasses on and a pina colada. We won't tell anyone. Honest.


5. Get Some Glasses 

Picture: Pinterest 

Whilst we're on the subject of pina coladas, what better way to harness the 80's dream than pina coladas in amazingly funky glasses?! Definitely the easiest (and cheapest) way to add a retro twist to your kitchen.


6. This Chair is The Dream 

Picture: Pinterest

Unfortunately, turns out armchairs are pretty expensive. Being a real adult sucks. If you can't afford the real thing, toss a velvet cushion like this one on an old chair. Basically the same thing. 

7. Neon (Obvioulsy) 

Picture: Pinterest 

Okay, I admit it's unlikely that any of us have got the space or budget for giant neon palm trees. More's the pity. What you can do is buy this minuture neon lightbulb for a splash of colour that won't break the bank or mean you'll have to throw out half of your possessions. 

8. Colours and Posters 

Picture: Pinterest

For minimum effort decor, a poster or print is a great way to change the entire dynamic of a room very easily. Check out this amazing vintage-style elephant print.



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