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Meet The Girls Who Are Going To Be All Up In Your 2015

The Debrief: Who's going to be the Charlie XCX of 2015? Read on to find out

Alicia Vikander
GREAT name. Alicia is a Swedish actress who’s set to start 2014 off with a bang with not one but FOUR huge films in the first few months of the year alone. From playing Vera Brittain in the (trust us) heartbreaking blub-fest Testament of Youth to going all sci-fi and fantastical in Ex-Machina and Seventh Son to Russian mob princess in Son Of A Gun, she’s got the first part of the year all sewn up. Plus, she’s apparently dating Michael Fassbender, which is cool.

Desiree Arkhan
We’ve doffed our hats to Desiree Arkhavan before for her Obvious Child, Girls-esque film Appropriate Behaviour which premiered at Sundance and her v. funny web series The Slope. Come January she’s set to be all up in your face as one of Hannah’s new classmates on Girls, which should be fun.

Marika Hackman
Top tip, having been in a band with Cara Delevingne as a kid is definitely a plus when it comes to getting your career off the ground (the model showed Marika to Burberry, who featured Marika in a campaign and used a whole bunch of her songs). Not that Marika needs much help staying in the limelight with a voice as pretty and lingering as hers.

Came for the hair, stayed for the music, was not disappointed. French/Cuban twins Lisa-Kainde and Naomi Diaz are the 19 year old daughters of one of Buena Vista Social Club and their old timey spirituals with added modern twists are nothing short of spectacular.


One of the BBC’s Sound of 2015 list, we first got interested in the 23 year old British/Russian singer way back in March thanks to her video for Touch which features her friends ‘snogging each other’. Since then she’s done a remix for Jessie Ware and released the absolute banger than is Indecision. It’s like vintage Madonna, from back before the whole MDMA thing ☹.

Lion Babe
As collabs on your first real life single go, Childish Gambino is a pretty sweet coup. Made up of New York duo Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman (who reminds us a bit of Adam Driver from girls). Jillian is absolutely our style/dance/hair icon for 2015 so if you’re after some lols, check back in around March to see how spectacularly we’re failing in the area.

Lola Kirke

Sister of Jemima and already on your radar from her role in 2014’s uber-film Gone Girl, Lola’s got it all going on ATM. Not only is she involved with the infamous Free The Nipple film, she’s also got a whole bunch of fun stuff coming up next year, like a starring role in the new Noah Baumbach film.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers
Like it or not, Star Wars is going to dominate this year. Even though it’s not out until December, don’t be under any illusion you’re going to be able to escape from it’s marketing ridunkulous power before then. Luckily for us it stars 21 year old Maisie Richardson-Sellers who, far from being the sort of stuff big-budget blockbuster actors are normally made of, studied theatre classically at Oxford. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

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