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Love Writing? Enter Our Competition With Timberland To Win £850 And See Your Published Article On The Debrief

The Debrief: In partnership with Timberland, we are spotting new writing talent, and it could be you

At The Debrief we love finding new writers and celebrating the unique talents amongst our community. With millions of blogs being created ever year alongside having full time jobs, it's clear that it's essential for us millenials to have our own corner of the Internet to enjoy being in our element, whatever that may be.

So this why we have partnered with Timberland to identify new writing talent and reward you for entering our competition. Do you daydream of being the next Caitlin Moran? Are you obsessed with reading columns in magazines? Are you looking to build up a shiny portfolio of writing? Would you like to kickstart your writing career and be in for a chance of winning a cash prize? 

If the answer to all these things is yes, we are asking for The Debrief readers to submit a piece of writing no longer than 500 words long, and to tell us about where you most feel in your element. 

All you have to do is send us your words in an email to including "Debrief Timberland Competition" as the subject title describing where you feel most in your element. That's it. We can't wait to read them.

On 5th November, we will be selecting our overall winner of this writing competition (so make sure you submit by midnight on the 4th), and posting the winning article on the website.

Not only this, but the winner will receive £850 in prize fund to further help you live in your element, whether that's buying yourself a new stationary kit, a new laptop, something to brighten up your desk space, or even going away somewhere to keep those creative juices flowing....

We can't wait to receive your wonderful words, and good luck!