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Kitchen Cupboards Looking A Bit Shit? How To Organise Your Food With Ease

Kitchen Cupboards Looking A Bit Crap? How To Organise Your Food Like A Champ

The Debrief: Kitchen cupboards leaving a lot to be desired? Here's some inspirational ways to sort that shit out.

Jar It Up

Kitchen Storage: Jars on Shelves

Sounds obvious, but have you done it? Well, no, so now’s the time! These jars are easily available in Wilko, supermarkets and even pound shops. It’s a cheap way of ditching the packaging and making your kitchen Pinterest worthy. Plus, Kilner jars stop all the flies getting in and, trust us on this one, you don’t want fly eggs in your quinoa.
Source: Practising Simplicity

Then Take It To The Next Level

Kitchen Storage: Label Jars

If you’re really committed to the cause, decorate your jars with labels in nice colours and handwriting (practice makes perfect). Put them inside a basket or drawer and voila, a super easy way to reach for the pasta when you’re blind from a hangover. 
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Decorate Inside The Doors 

Kitchen Storage: Decorate Inside The Doors

Remember watching Saved By The Bell and seeing all that cute decor inside the locker doors? Well take that + practicality and you’ve got somewhere to see your shopping list AND those heart-shaped Harry Styles cutouts on a daily basis. 
Source: Two Twenty One

Make A Display Of It

Kitchen Storage: Make A Display Of It

Pick out your best foodie bits and make a display of it, to achieve a double whammy of kitchen decor AND storage. Your new fancy jars (see above), olive oil and foreign packaging would look ace here. The tins of tuna and Sainsbury’s Basics chopped tomatoes can hibernate behind closed doors. This shelving unit from Urban Outfitters would work a treat. 

Source: Rue Daily

Make A Magnetic Spice Rack

Kitchen Storage: Magnetic Spice Rack

OK, OK, breathe, this is GENIUS. IKEA has masterfully created these magnetic pots that are just perfect for a spice rack. Use your newly perfected handwriting skills to make some nice labels and stick them to the fridge for easy access.
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Hide Pesky Items This Clever Way

Kitchen Storage: Hide Pesky Items This Clever Way

Also genius. Attach a desk file (this wooden pair are good) to the inside of a kitchen cupbaord for a haven perfect for cling film, foil and all that other shit.

Divide Up Your Drawers

Kitchen Storage: Divide Up Your Drawers

Maximise drawer space with tubs to divide up your dry food. Would also work to put all the open packets into different sections, avoiding a rogue leaky bag of sugar. These white ones work well and come in a variety of sizes. 

Hanging Mason Jars Maximises Storage

Kitchen Storage: Hanging Mason Jars Maximises Storage

Superglue the top of a load of mason jar lids to the underside of your kitchen cupboards for some floating storage. Simply unscrew the jar from underneath to open. Kinda cool, right?
Source: Babble

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