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5 Ways To Improve Your Memory On Your Commute

5 Ways To Improve Your Memory On Your Commute

The Debrief: Are you a forgetful sausage? Here's how to remember the important stuff

According to a new study, ‘digital dependence’ is ruining our memories. Whereas once we had to remember directions, phone numbers and the time of your meeting, now you’ve got all of that saved in your phone.

What this basically means is, you don’t have to try any more. Your memory isn’t being tested and, compared to how you were when you were younger, your memory is a flabby big mess of crap that struggles to remember what you had for dinner last night.

Luckily, help is at hand. Here’s a few (super easy) things you can do to help your memory get better.

Anthony Metivier’s Magnetic Memory Method podcast

Even though it’s a bloody mouthful to say (and remember!), Anthony’s podcasts show you different techniques on how to create ‘memory palaces’ – the practise of visualising familiar places/buildings to house what you need to remember – and other mnemonic techniques to turn your memory from soggy old mess to a super successful sponge. There’s 90 epsiodes to get through so you should probably get cracking.

Get it here.

Peak brain training app

Featuring over 30 games, Peak sets you challenges to improve your memory, and other great stuff to help you focus and make decisions. You can set goals so you’re directed to the right games, set yourself daily challenges and track your improvement. Plus, no internet connection is required, so you can play it on the tube/train to your heart’s content.

Get it here.

Quantum Memory: Learn to Improve Your Memory with The World Memory Champion! audiobook

This book has like, the lamest cover that’s ever existed, so stick to downloading it from Audible rather than lugging a physical copy around with you on the train. Lame though it might look, it’s written by Dominic O’Brien who, in case you didn’t know, in which case I’m embarassed for you, is the world memory champion.

Get it here.

Memory freemium app

If you want something a little simpler on your morning commute then get this game which, really, is simple enough to be played with kids. In fact, you probably played it a lot when you were a kid. It literally consisted of turning over cards and trying to remember where the pairs were. There’s plenty of different levels though, some fiendishly difficult, just in case you think you’re above the game.

Get it here.

How To Develop A Brilliant Memory Week By Week book

It’s him! It's Dominic O’Brien again. TBH, he’s got the memoey market sewn up. Fair enough for a man who managed to beat the blackjack table and get himself banned from every casino in Las Vegas. Anyways, this book is split up into easy to swallow 50 different ways to improve your memory. Bascially, if one doesn’t work, onto the next. Thanks, Dominic.

Get it here.

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