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Things To Buy Now The Sunny Weather Means You Can See All The Horrible Gross Grime In Your Rubbish Bathroom

Fed Up With Your Gross Rubbish Bathroom? Here's Some Things To Buy To Make It All Lovely

The Debrief: Effectively a piece on how to polish a turd

Oh fantastic, great stuff, thanks Spring. See, up until now you'd thought you were doing a pretty darn good job of keeping your mouldy excuse for a flat clean(ish). Now you actually get home while it's light however you've suddenly realised that your minimal cleaning might not have been as effective as you thought. While the kitchen's looking pretty sketchy (yep those splodges are still there from the pasta bake you made back in December) the worst offender by far is the bathroom, which looks basically like you got all the juice from the bottom of your bin and painted the walls with all the wild abandon of Jackson Pollock.

Anyways, while you won't be able to make your bathroom look anything like this, there are a few things you can buy to disguise just how much of a shit tip it really is.

This super expensive candle that I promise you is worth the money

I know £20 is rather a lot for a candle but trust me on this, this baby will last you a fair few months and unlike those cheapo scented candles you buy from your local pound shop, will actually make the room smell nice/less like the wet towel odour that's currently pervading the room. Plus, the pricing probably works out the same if you go by how darn quickly those cheap little buggers burn out. Also, top tip; sometimes you can get these on eBay missing a box for a fraction of the cost.


Diptique Candle, £20

This shower curtain that's stupidly on trend

And bright, and eye catching. Which means that rather than looking at toothbrush graveyard over there on your sink (seriously who do they all belong to?). They'll check out your shower instead.


Shower Curtain, £15

A new damn towel

Sounds basic we know but, when was the last time you looked (and I mean really looked) at your towel? Covered in hair dye and make-up and not forgetting the fag burn from the time you tried to used it as a table cloth at a 'dinner party', that rag's not fit to look at your nether regions, nevermind dry them off. Ditch it, get a new one. Like this one. It's cheap.


Bath towel, £4.78

These baskets to stop shower gel mania

In my house there's five of us, which means (in theory, although rarely in practise interestingly), five shower gels, five exfoliators, five razors and five shampoos. That's a lot of clutter for one small room. Get a couple of these cheap as chips sucker baskets and designate one to each housemate for them to keep their shit in. Also, you'll be able to see who has nothing, and therefore figure out the person that's stealing all your stuff. Result.


Shower caddy, £2.95

This fancy light pull


Something you and/or your friends have probably never purchased before in your life and therefore an excellent purveyor of proof that your bathroom is in fact a lot fancier than it actually looks.

Light pull, £1.49

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