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How To Copper Everything You Own

How To Make Everything You Own Look Copper

The Debrief: How to DIY a kick ass workspace.

Productivity is the buzzword of January, the pressure is on and steady stream of organisation tips, tricks and ‘goals’ are flooding our news feeds. Seriously. Too. Much. Pressure. So before you attend to those life changing lists and become the first woman to land on the moon (aim high), let’s start with where the magic happens... your artfully arranged desk game. Because behind every kick ass woman, there’s an inspirational desk kitted out with the tools to inspire the girl boss within.

If your desk is strewn with scraps of paper and sticky notes (we feel you) then purge your workspace, empty coffee mugs ‘n’ all, and what the heck... brush it with bronze for added boss points. All in the name of productivity, of course.

Every Pinterest addict worth their salt will know that hand spraying is nothing new but we’re here to say that metallics aren’t just for Christmas, they’re for life. Copper was the 2015 paint colour of the year according to Dulux and who are we to argue with the big fluffy dog? But this year it’s headed for a softer more subtle blush. This is copper’s younger sister; less ostentatious than gold, warmer than silver and inspired by the rugged industrial-chic that had us Instagramming the hell out of home hacks last year.

If you’re a little skinted rather than minted this January then start by doin’ it yourself. The best part? It only takes 20 minutes.

Kit List:

-1 can of Rust-oleum Copper spray from Homebase, £9.99.

-Old newspapers to protect the surrounding area

-Masking tape

Note to self: Wear gloves if you’re heading to work the next day. Tin Man hands aren’t a good look.

How to: 

Shake the can for 1 minute before use and spray at a 30cm distance in a well ventilated area. This is suitable for all surfaces, so there’s no excuse not to go wild.

1. Upgrade those empty jam jars and spaghetti tins by spraying and stacking ‘em full of stationary. Ensure the surface is oil/grease free before getting to work in a steady back and forth motion. Several light coats will coat glass or tin. Use masking tape to cover sections of the glass and sand any drips.

2. Give your paper clips the bronze treatment or add contrast to a desk paper stand by taping newspaper around the bottom section. Because it’s all about the details.

3. Retouch the edges of a plain white pot to create a gradual effect. Fill any cracks and sand matt areas. Next, tape paper around the bottom section leaving plenty of room to lightly dust the top section from a distance to slowly build the coverage.

4. Spray your boring old black wire moodboard bronze. When coating glossy surfaces there’s no need to sand it down. This Rust-oleum bad boy will do the job.

5. Spray any dull metal basket you have hanging around with bronze for a factory-like finish. Now all that’s left is to pile those pens ‘n’ pencils high.

If you make a mistake or have dripping or bubbling, don’t panic; you can correct just about any error with sandpaper.

Leave your work of art for 20 minutes before touching the paint and leave for 24 hours for a non-stick dry.

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