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Tabi Jackson Gee | Contributing Writer | Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How To Have A Mini Music Festival

How To Have A Mini Music Festival

The Debrief: Not everyone can fork out £500 for a real one, ok.

It’s time to face the facts (and try not to cry…): you’ve spent all your money. You’re not going to make it to a festival this year (again). Probably not even one of those day ones. But while we’re having a mid-range heatwave, you could totally have a rockin’ garden party/mini festival instead.

So without further ado, mop those tears away and get that Facebook group sorted. Then find a weekend you and all your mates (the ones that aren’t busy festival-ing – they’re NFI’d) are free and have yourself a very merry miniature Glasto. All in the comfort of your own backyard…

Here are the drinks to make to get everyone in the mood

Bored of straight-up cider? Us too. This year it’s all about mixing things up (although be warned, these are a bit like rocket fuel so, ya know, drink aware…) One recipe we’re in love with is a simple double shot of gin, topped with Prosecco, with a dash of elderflower to finish it off. Mmmmm.

ice lolly mould

And how about some Negroni ice-lollies to cool everyone down? Get yourself a load of ice-lolly moulds and pour into each: 25ml gin, 25ml Aperol, 25ml sweet vermouth – then top with a dash of soda water, stir and freeze. Super chilled.

The clothes to wear to dress to impress

Crochet tops with high-necks are the festival must-have of this summer. Plus, by now you might even be lucky enough to have a tan to show off so white is the way to go.

If (like us) you feel like full-on paisley flares are a step too far (no matter how much you love festivals and wish you’d been at Woodstock), then may we suggest these denim culottes as a fine replacement. Wide-legged and cropped, they’ll look great with that crochet top.

Plus, the best thing about this festival being in your garden rather than in a field in the middle of nowhere is you can always do an outfit change when you get cold. (Every cloud.)

The accessories to make you look super #festy

Our festy must-haves are temporary tattoos (aside from glitter, but we’re pretty sure you know that already). These gold and metallic ones are cute.



The mini speakers that make next-level sound

You’ve spent months curating an epic summer playlist (full of the headline acts from all the festivals you’re missing, sob), so now you need the best speakers to bring it to life. The SONY SRS-X11 Portable Wireless Speaker from Currys PC World is your answer. You can stream your music wirelessly with Bluetooth and NFC pairing, and double up and get great stereo sound in speaker pairing mode.

Win a Sony SRS-X11B Portable Wireless Speaker NOW


It’s got a 12-hour battery life so you can party ’til dawn (better warn the neighbours first, mind) and it’s super small for the big sound it can produce with it’s 10W power output. Plus, it comes in black, white, teal or red. Win-win.

The decorations to make your little garden POP (and rain-proof, which is also important)

So although you’re guaranteed fun at your mini festival, you’re not guaranteed good weather. So don’t run the risk of getting 40 of your nearest and dearest over only to then spend the evening huddled in the kitchen pretending you’re still having fun while standing on each other’s toes.

You can get a good gazebo for as little as £28.99 – and it’s like, a real investment for when you’re grown up, innit.

mini festival

Then, when it starts getting dark, ramp up the atmosphere with some jam jars filled with tea lights hanging around the aforementioned gazebo and a hang a string of fairy lights across your garden. These little round ones are well cute.

Win a Sony SRS-X11B Portable Wireless Speaker NOW

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