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Here's How To Spend The Money You Saved By Forgetting To Plan Anything For NYE (Again)

The Debrief: Turns out being lazy and disorganised DOES pay. Who knew?

People are always telling you off for forgetting to do stuff and being 'too laid back' but it turns out that when it comes to New Years Eve, this might actually be a good thing.

Cast your mind back if you will to the one time you and your equally useless friends managed to organise New Years in advance; between the stresses of getting ten drunk people to travel on ridiculously busy public transport, to spending all of your December salary for a night you'll barely remember, New Years just isn't worth it.

Here's a few (much better) things you can do with the money you saved not being a together human being in time for New Years Eve.

If you wanted to go to Hogmanay
You’ve really hit the big time here son; an open return to Edinburgh from London is £131 and the cheapest private room you’re getting on AirBnb this late is £100 a night. Plus there’s train snacks, booze and entry to the actual street party which brings your total to somewhere around £300.  How about you pocket that cash and spend it on seven nights all inclusive holiday to Tunisia during February instead. Much better choice.

If you wanted to have a house party
Between snacks and drinks, decorations and the fifty quid you’re definitely getting knocked off your security deposit for that giant burn your friend will leave on your living room carpet, your New Years’ Eve house party was going to cost you somewhere around the £75 mark. Rather than fork out that for a night you’ll probably forget most of (and get grief from the neighbours for), spend it on a spa day instead during your January ‘detox’. You’d be surprised how fancy you can go for £75.

If you wanted to go to a massive club night
Averaging somewhere between the £20-40 PLUS a massively overinflated taxi PLUS the wildly overpriced drinks (not to mention the years it’ll take off your life in stress) you’re looking at around £100 for a night you’re very unlikely to enjoy. How about four nights in this flat in Paris instead?

If you were going to have a dinner party
Because you’re grown up now right? Be under no illusions, even though all your guests claim they’ll reimburse you for how much you’ve shelled out, they’ll forget. They’ll totally forget, and you’ll be out of pocket. Between forty or so quid on the meal, twenty on a couple of bottles of wine (your friends at least know to bring booze) and the new dress you bought for the occasion, this New Years would have set you back around £120 – which is roughly the amount of a return flight to Marrakech in January.

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