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The Best Halloween Decoration Inspo Pinterest Has To Offer

The Debrief: Because if your party is next week and you’re probably very under-prepared

Another year, another underprepared Halloween party. We all know the drill. Unless, like one of my best friends you’re more excitably committed to the 31st October than Christmas, you’ve probably agreed to host some sort of obligatory house party even though you’d much rather be out trick or treating with your nieces and nephews. 

Nevertheless, we’re here. All Hallows Eve looms. So it’s time to get your act together and make your flat look at least a little Halloween-y. Nothing particularly scary here, don’t worry. No booby traps, no blood, no elaborate cobweb mazes your guests will resent having to climb through. Just some pretty, low-key, Pinterest-worthy ways to up your decorative game to suit the time of year.  

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1. The Arty Pumpkin Cloche 


Not too invited in the Halloween cause? That’s fine. Who needs orange pumpkins when you can have pop these trendy white ones in a glass dome like the grown-up decorative minimalist you are. 

2. The No-Carve Pumpkin


While we’re on the subject of pumpkins… carving is messy and requires cleaning up. Who really has the time? Instead, you could always cover them with some mesh and bows. 

3. The Ghost Mirror


The easiest way to spook up your living room: cut out a ghost from some black card, stick it on that big statement mirror that you definitely own, and voila. 

 4. The make-shift spider balloon


See here the lazy girl guide to Halloween decorations that are neither scary nor laborious. 

5. The Halloween wreath


Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, kids. Hang a black one up (the thornier, the better) and surround it by candles for an ominous glowy vibe. 

6. The Classic melty candles


If you’ve been looking for an excuse to recreate the waxy centrepieces of every faux-authentic Italian restaurant in the world, now’s your chance. Just make sure you opt for moody coloured candles and melt them over green red wine bottles.

7. The Make An Entrance Hallway


Because fairy lights are great and, well, any excuse.  

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