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How To Kit Out Your Entire University Kitchen For Less Than £20

How To Kit Out Your Entire University Kitchen For Less Than £20

The Debrief: £21.10 to be precise. So sue us.

Before you arrive at uni and blow through your student loan, buy some stuff for your kitchen. If you don’t buy everything now, you’ll end up two months into term and realise that you don’t actually own a glass.

It doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy stuff. In fact, it’ll probably get broken or dropped at some point so it’s best not to spend a shedload. Save that for when you’re a proper grown-up.

For your sake, here’s a list of the things you need and where to get them all for under £20*.

*£21.40. Sorry.


You’re obviously going to be eating at some point. It may be a chips-in-pitta with cheese affair, but it also may be something you’ve cooked. Shock. For these events, you’ll need some cutlery. Seeing as it might all go missing by the end of the year, a 16-piece set is probably a good bet.

£1.70, Wilko

A Mug

Whether you’re a tea enthusiast or a coffee addict, a mug is a good idea. Get one that’s going to be obviously yours (and not the cracked, broken and stained mugs of your flatmates), so you can distinguish your tea from your flatmate’s three-week-old brew.

35p, Ikea

A Knife

For those occasions when you want to attempt to cook yourself a proper meal, you’ll need a knife. Don’t bother buying loads of them, you’ll literally only ever use one and the rest will be gathering dust until the end of third year.

£2, Tiger

A Glass

A useful receptacle for both the alcoholic beverages of the night and the water you’ll need to revive yourself the next morning. What else are you going to drink out of? A boot?  

50p, Ikea

A Frying Pan

It’s probably a good idea to get one of these, y’know, for eggs and generally frying stuff.

£4, Wilko

A Grater

Many meals can be improved (or given any flavor at all) with a mountain of grated cheese on top. A grater is a wise investment that everyone will love you for.

£2, Wilko

A Tin Opener

At some point you will be hungover and in need of beans on toast. Unless you’re one of those savvy people who buys Heinz snap packs, get a tin opener.

45p, Wilko

A Saucepan

Saucepans are famous for being convenient  to cook stuff in. It also acts as a rainwater receptacle when your roof leaks.

£2.25, Wilko

A Bowl

If you don’t know what this one is for, I’m worried for you (it’s for eating your pasta out of, duh).

75p, Wilko

A Plate

These sometimes come in handy when you need to eat something. Not always, but sometimes.

75p, Wilko

A Colander

One of those things with holes in. These are pretty useful. What else are you going to drain your pasta with?

£2, Tesco

A Peeler

At some point you and your flatmates will decide that you can cook a roast dinner without adult supervision. It probably won’t go that well, but get a peeler, so at least your potatoes won’t be gross.

50p, Wilko

A Chopping Board

Comes in handy when you’re chopping up potatoes for your doomed roast dinner attempt. It’ll stop you ruining your kitchen counter, so you don’t have a huge chunk of your deposit taken out.

£2, Sainsbury's

A Baking Tray

For your ill-fated roast dinner attempt, as well as for when you need to a meal for that isn’t a roast dinner.

95p, Wilko


This stuff does the things that basic cutlery can’t do. It’ll also make you look like you’re cooking something fancy.

£1.20, Tesco

Total: £21.40

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