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5 Things To Buy For Your Outdoor Space For Under £5

5 Things To Buy For Your Outdoor Space For Under £5

The Debrief: Even if your only outdoor space is your front stoop, here's how to make it ace


These hanging terrariums that can go inside or out

If you've got no space to plant a garden, then these terrariums are a nice alternative. You can hang them inside or out (although we'd recommend bringing them in if it's really windy (turns out glass breaks when it bashes into stuff) and build yourself a miniature garden inside. Check out our guide on how to do this here.


Terranium, £3.33, Etsy

These outdoor lights that'll light up your midnight barbecues

Because you're not going to go all out and get yourself a real outdoor light to mount on the side of your house, fairy lights make a nice alternative. These blue ones are great because they're not as overpowering as white ones and come with an extra-long cable so you can plug them in inside.


Lights, £5, Iconic Lights

This flower pots you can display even if you've got no outdoor floor space

Because you might only have a balcony, or just a window of that matter, these pots are great because they can be hung either from your window or on your balcony railings. Also, because they'll be outside, no need to water! (Theoretically)


Flower pot, £4.57, eCrater

These lanterns that will stop your cheap ass tealights from blowing out

Because cheap tealights only stay lit if you put absolutely no pressure on them at all. The faintest gust of wind and they give up like a fading Hollywood star with a drug problem. Pop them in these little pots, though, and they'll give it all they've got. Until they burn out. Because they do that very quickly too.


Lanter, £3.50, Not On The High Street

This bird feeder where you don't even had to try


Because everyone wants nice birds hanging around don't they? As long as they keep their poop to themselves. The problem with regular bird feeders though is that you've got to buy bird FOOD. And you're struggling to buy yourself food. That doesn't seem very fair. This feeder though means you can repurpose your (stale, maybe slightly mouldy) bread into a tasty bird snack.

Feeder, £2.99, Homebase

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