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Ever Fancied The Worst Boy Ever? This Exclusive Raised By Wolves Clip Knows

Watch This Exclusive Raised By Wolves Clip And Remember What It Was Like To Have A Horrible Teenage Crush

The Debrief: Caitlin and Caz Moran’s sitcom gets it spot-on again…

Teenage crushes – at least the ones were girls fancy boys - are all too often depicted as those happy-go-lucky desires, the mutual ones, where the girl will fancy the boy and eventually the boy will realise he’s fancied her all along and they’ll get together.

But what about the times when young girls crush on the sorts of boys who use their tracksuit trousers to wipe their willies on after a wee? The sorts of boys who use American Pie as a rule-book for social etiquette and would prefer to watch World Wide Wrestling than agree that women are good for anything.

We don’t get to see those crushes much, do we? Well, luckily, we’ve got Caitlin and Caz Moran’s Raised By Wolves to re-tell that very real experience of fancying a horrible dickhead.

Watch this exclusive clip of the show to re-live that awful moment of fancying someone utterly unsuitable – who we hope is no longer in your life anymore, not even if it’s just as a distant Facebook friend – and thank heavens he was never ‘nice’ enough to fancy you back.

Raised By Wolves continues on Channel 4 at 10pm on Monday, 30th March (and every Monday after that for three more weeks!)

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