Jess Commons | Deputy Editor | Thursday, 12 February 2015

Do No Work Today And Play With Emojinate Instead

The Debrief: Join us in being unproductive. All day.

Work is SO overrated guys. How’s about you give it a rest today and instead play on our new favourite internet toy Emojinate?

Created by developer Ramsay Lanier (great name, better profile picture), Emojinate basically generates five emoticons and leaves it up to you to write the story of what’s going on.

So like, cow, A-OK sign, movie clapboard, pumpkin and mortarboard become: ‘Beef is awesome. That’s why I eat pumpkins at movies after college.’

While the peace sign, octopus, pill, horse, pink footprints become, ‘“Peace out, squidthang,” said the pill-poppin stag. He had pink tracks, tho.’ Because, obviously.

So we made a few of our own...


But anyways, that’s enough from us. Go forth and make your own. Tweet them to us. We need excuses to procrastinate too, you know.

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