Mari Santos | Contributing Writer | Saturday, 19 December 2015

DIY The Easiest Marble Wrapping Paper

DIY Yourself The Easiest Marble Wrapping Paper

The Debrief: For when you want to make your cheap present look expensive

The thought of receiving a gift wrapped in gorgeous marble paper makes me think, 'Wow, this person must really care about me. Whatever is in this package will most definitely be the best Christmas gift I receive this year.'

The thought of actual marbling, however, fills my mind with thoughts of me spilling water everywhere and not being patient enough to wait for the paper to dry. Not anymore. Trick people into thinking you spent more time on them than you actually did with this dead easy method to paper marbling, conveniently in animated gif form.

What you’ll need:

Shaving foam

A small amount of paint

A spatula

A chopstick (or fork, for mixing the paint)

A fairly deep baking tray


 1. Spray foam into tray

 2. Drip dots of paint throughout the foam

3. With a chopstick or fork, swirl the paint through the shaving foam

 4. Take your paper and press it down on the foam

 5. Lift!

7. Using your spatula, scrape off the excess foam to reveal your masterpiece

8. Wipe the rest of the foam off with a tissue. Leave to dry (less than half an hour should do it - way less time than water marbling


 Wrap it up! You can make your envelopes look fancy too by using the same method. May all your presents look ten times more expensive than they actually are.

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