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Declutter Your Wardrobe Hacks For The Very Worst Hoarders Out There

The Debrief: From one hoarder to another

If you’re a hoarder (welcome to the club – my flatmate told me I was going to die under a pile of my own things and be found ten years later after I’d been eaten by cats the other day – which was nice), then you’ll know that throwing things out is really super hard. So don’t. Instead, here’s some tricks that basically make you better at hiding the fact that you never throw anything in your wardrobe away. Here’s how to declutter*.

*Don’t do it this way. In fact don’t ever do this. It’s the worst thing grown women have ever done.


Invest in a Vacuum Bag
You might associate these nifty things with sad ladies on the Shopping Channel, but TRUST US they’re unbelievably useful. Stick a bunch of clothes in, suck all the air out with a vacuum (this is definitely the most fun thing you’ll do all day – guaranteed) and you’ve got a nearly paper-thin bag of clothes that you can store pretty much anywhere.

Hang Stuff On The Back Of The Door
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Contact hooks are your friend. Stick them to inside of your wardrobe door and use them to hang bags, scarves and hats.

Use The Old Coke Can Trick
Struggling for space? Slip a ring pull from a Coke can over the hangy bit of a hanger and hang another hanger off the ring pull. Voila – almost double the space. Hooray!

Hang A New Rod
Holy crap, this is our favourite by a country mile. If you’ve got some space in your wardrobe underneath where your dresses finish, hang another rod UNDERNEATH. We don’t have a clue how to do it with a drill, but just get a pole, some rope and suspend one from your existing rail. Perfect for hanging little things like bags, crop tops, even pants and bras if that’s your thing.

If You Really Have To Chuck Some Stuff Out :( Then Try This
This one’s been floating around the internet for a while, but we reckon it’s probably the most effective. Turn all the hangers in your wardrobe round the wrong way and after you wear an item hang it back up the right way round. After 6 months, if anything’s still hanging up the wrong way, it’s time to say goodbye. At least you’ve got visual proof that you’re never going to wear it again.

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