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Cheapo Ways To Cheer Up Even The Grottiest Of Bathrooms

The Debrief: Scrape back the mould and bling up your bathroom

After spending the holidays living like queens in parental homes that are always warm, clean and stocked with food and booze, the return to the joys of house-sharing is a brutal shock to the system. And one of the bleakest aspects is the communal bathroom. Mouldy tiles, a shower so feeble and tepid it’s like someone’s gobbing on your head, plugholes blocked with... hair (shudders), and let’s not even talk about the toilet. 

But you can make it better without spending too much cash. Use the money you’re saving by not drinking in January and spend it on a few items that’ll transform your bathroom from skanky to swanky. And while you’re at it, make your housemates cough up too so you can afford a posh finishing touch to make it feel really fancy.

Here are our top tips for an amazing Peter Andre-style 60 minute bathroom makeover.

1/ Find something cute to keep your toothbrushes in, like a jam jar (try Tiptree) or those mini Campari bottles you lugged home from Sicily and swore you'd find a use for. This is it. It’s a stylish answer to having a bunch of toothbrushes unhygienically littering the sink and windowsill. Just remember to stick them in the dishwasher once in a while because, you know, toothbrush water...


2/ Much as we love a novelty shower curtain (it's the tube map! LOL! etc.), they get pretty nasty after a few weeks making them a waste of money. Get thee to Wilko and bulk-buy their chic, lo-fi value shower curtains when things start to feel swampy. They cost THREE POUNDS people. All you have to do is wrestle with the curtain rings while trying not to break your neck balancing on the edge of the tub. £3, 


3/ No-one needs to know you bulk-bought a year's worth of cheapo supermarket own brand shampoo when it was on offer. Decant your lotions and potions into coolly minimalist acrylic bottles from Muji - they come in all sizes with flip tops, aluminium caps, foam pumps and spray dispensers, and cost just a few quid. Then line them up neatly to make a chic, colourful display. From £1.95,


4/ After your shower, spritz the walls with Method Shower Spray - it’s the lasiest, easiest cleaning product EVER (you don’t even have to rinse it off) and will keep manky mildew and soap scum at bay. Even better, it’s free from parabens, phthalates and animal by-products and comes in a 100% recycled bottle (spray it on your halo too, you eco-warrior.) Oh and it smells of lovely flowers. £3, 


5/ The only green thing growing in your bathroom should be a plant in a jazzy pot. Ikea have a huge range of succulents and cactae which we’ve found through rigorous neglect testing to be virtually unkillable (shower steam counts as watering, right?) Go for one big plant for maximum impact or buy three or four miniature ones and line them up to make a statement. Sansevieria potted plant, £2.50, 


6/ The January sales are a great time to replace tattered, cardboardy towels that resemble shredded wheat with new, fluffy ones. Pick a bold print or a bright block colour and get the matching bath mat to give the bathroom a unified feel. Zara Home has an unbeatable range and prices start at 99p. Basic bath towel, £9.99, 

And finally...

7/ Treat yourself to One Posh Thing - maybe a fancy hand soap from Aesop. Yes, ok, it's the price of a round of cocktails but it smells divine and the rest of your bathroom will bask in its reflected glory and look fancier by association. Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash, £27, 


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