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Cheap Things To Do This Weekend 9, 10, 11 April

4 Cheap Things To Do This Weekend 9, 10, 11 April

The Debrief: Get off your arse and get out there

1. Eat loads of food in Spitalfields

If there's one thing London isn't short of, it's food markets and, now summers on the way, they're opening up in droves. This latest one is in Spitalfields on the second Friday from every month from the 8th April. With a bar, live music from Sasha Brown, Alice in the Cruel Sea and Lia Ikkos and loads and loads of food from Bleecker St Burger, Dirty Bagel, Sud Italia and Belpassie Bros there's plenty of stuff to keep you occupied.

Old Spitalfields Night Market, 109 Commerical St, London. 5:30-9PM, free entry

2. Get buzzed during UK Coffee Week

Yeah, it's a thing. And to celebrate, London are hosting their annual Coffee Festival. Running from 7-10 April, there is SO MUCH STUFF going on including workshops (finally someone will tell you how to make latte art, gosh), espresso martini parties, competitions and offers.

London Coffee Festival, 7-10 April

3. Have a disco with dinosaurs

Because lots of us find museums filled with kids a daunting prospect. Head to the Natural History Museum's After School Club for Grown-Ups. From 7PM to 1AM, explore the museum after hours with games, a dinosaur t-shirt making class, trasure hunt and light up torch lit trails through the museum. Oh, there's a silent disco too. Obvs.

Natural History Museum's After School Club For Grown-Ups, April 8, £28

4. Catch some wizardry at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

It's the last weekend of the science festival and like, loads going on to keep  you interested including a disco that promises 'tech wizardry' and DJs, a lecture on what the world will look like in 2071 and an after hours event at the zoo which, as we know, is always an excellent idea.

Edinburgh International Science Festival, 26 March-10 April

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