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7 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts That You Can Still Buy For £20 Or Less

7 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts That You Can Still Buy For £20 Or Less

The Debrief: Because as much as you love your dad, funds are low and you totally forgot about this whole thing

Okay, come on now. Fess up. You definitely had no idea that it was Father’s Day this Sunday, did you?  

To be fair, you probably also forgot that you made far more exciting plans with your mates for the 18th June and sadly there’s not very much we can do to get you out of that. But what we can do, however, is supply you with a handy list of cheap, cheerful and (not) crap gifts that you’ve still got time to buy your poor dad. Go grab your debit card and don’t forget to pick up a card too! 

1. For the ‘always after a bargain’ dad

If your dad fancies himself as a bit of an Ainsley Harriet in the kitchen but is always the first to swap out your Heinz Baked Beans for the supermarket value version (which do NOT taste the same, by the way) then here’s how you marry his two favourite pass times – buy him the One Pound Meals: Delicious Food for Less cookbook from Amazon for £7.49. All the recipes are meant to be super straight forward, he’ll be saving money and if you let him know that it’s by an Insta-famous chef you’ll give him the bonus gift of feeling really down with the kids for a little bit. 

2. For the ‘thinks he’s cool and deep down you know he’s quite cool but refuse to let on to it’ dad 

Now everyone has caught on to the fact that trainers are appropriate out-of-gym wear, something that the ‘cool’ dads actually caught on to a long time ago to be fair, you may as well indulge your dad in not complaining about his excessive trainer collection and give him a hand in looking after them. Treat him to this handy £20 sneaker cleaning kit by Men’s Society over on Not On The High Street. Kicks are only cool if they’re looking super fresh. 

3. For the ‘not like the good old days’ dad

We’ve all got fond memories of the small things that would light our little faces up when we were children. And I know it’s a huge, sweeping, probably inaccurate generalisation to assume that for all adult men with children who aren’t part of our generation, that joy came from the humble pork pie, but come on. It’s definitely a dad thing. You can order him a giant one from Farmison & Co on Not On The High Street with the word ‘dad’ written across it in pastry for £18.50 if you want to see his eyes glisten with the nostalgia of a simpler time. 

4. For the ‘pretends to be tech savvy’ dad

Techy dads like to have all the latest bits and bobs, regardless of whether or not he knows what you’re meant to do with it. So if he’s one of those periodically ahead of the game kind of guys (who happens to have the Samsung S7) then he might enjoy this £12.88 battery case if you Prime it from Amazon. Yeah. It’s a battery pack AND a case. Am I the only one who didn’t know that was a thing? 

5. For the ‘I don’t know what I want’ dad

There’s always at least one present giving occasion when you ask your dad what he wants and he responds with either ‘anything’ or ‘I don’t know’. So, you end up getting him socks. Socks aren’t fun. Socks aren’t exciting. But if you’re dead set on buying him socks, buy him something like these Coolmax Walking socks. In case you couldn’t tell, they’re meant to keep your feel cool when you walk. £7.48 for two pairs if you’re one to put a price on feet of a comfortable temperature.

6. For the ‘passionate fair-weather sports fan’ dad

There are die-hard sports fans. The ones who spend crazy amounts of money on season tickets to Tottenham Hotspurs games every year and cry angry tears whenever they lose. Then there are passionately fair-weathered sports fans who won’t make a single mention of a foot or a ball all year and then suddenly throws a fit when it’s time for the Champions League and they re-realise that they don’t have the Sky Sports package. The solution? The Now TV Sky Sports pass. There are various payment options depending on how generous you’re feeling. 

7. For the ‘I just want things to look nice’ dad

Believe it or not, there such a thing as the perfect gift for the tidy dad who doesn't actually put that much effort into keeping the house tidy but rather 'really just likes things to look nice'. It's the candle, my friend. But a nice long lasting one that he can put in his man cave (shed) if he's lucky enough to have one. Don't be fooled. Just because he may never have bought himself a fancy schmancy candle like the yummy Sandalwood Yankee Candle ones, doesn't mean he's not a fan of a pleasant scent wafting around. Trust me, he'll be asking for a replacement one by Christmas.  

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