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Cheap Etsy Homeware Sellers You Need To Be Aware Of

Cheap Etsy Homeware Sellers You Need To Be Aware Of

The Debrief: For when you're trying to convince people that your flatmate isn't a nightmare

 Need a bit of house-inspo to stop your house looking like the student hovel it almost certainly is? Head to Etsy. We've rounded up some of our favourite homeware sellers to get you going.

Yvonne Ellen

Yvonne's not that cheap. Actually, she's not cheap at all but she does do very very lovely prints. At £9, her tea towels are verging on expensive but LOOK HOW NICE.

Sweety Story

If it's pillows you're after, head to Sweety Store who stock cushion covers in lots of lovely colours and patterns for around the tenner mark. Like this one.

Sort London

For when you've bought yourself a Scandi spider plant but you haven't got a bloody pot to put it in. Sort London make marble and copper dipped pots to showcase your plant collection at pretty damn reasonable prices.

Just The Frosting

In case your walls are boring as hell and you're not allowed to put up any artwork (thanks landlord, you big knobber), look to Just The Frosting for removable wall vinyl stickers which can make for a nice distraction from the cigarette burns you've got elsewhere. These triangle ones are our faves.

Clive Roddy

This guy's got loads of cool little knick knacks for your home - check out these coasters that stack up like a cactus. Also, this chalkboard door hanger is good for remembering what you need in the morning. Or telling your flatmate you're getting lucky.


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