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Rose Quartz and Lilac Grey, the Colours Pintrest is Going Crazy For

Blush and Grey, the Colours Pintrest is Going Crazy For

The Debrief: Mouth-watering colours to tickle your interior taste buds

Let's face it, Pintrest is the wholesome person’s version of crack cocaine. Nothing is more addictive and my habit got so out of control recently I’d say I spend a good half of my day scrolling, scrolling, scrolling… (Not so useful) but something that has been spawned is an eye for a trend (a little more useful). I can’t help but notice a recurring theme in the interiors world in particular; the colours 'rose quartz and lilac grey ' (baby, dusty pink and, well, grey). The colours, coined by Pantone as 2 of the 10 of 2016 are ideal shades to spruce up your potentially cruddy living situations. Here are our tips… 

Mood Board

First up check out The Lovely Drawers mood board just so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about. I’m drooling looking at it. 


Sure sure garlands are kinda everywhere but that’s because they’re so frickin decorative. If you want to tap into the whole pink and grey thing why not by some like these featured on Salt & Wind.

Paint Job 

Another idea if you don’t want to (physically can’t) splash the cash is to get some paint and douse some shelves in the dreamy colours aka Jelanie Shop    


… or go even cheaper and treat yourself to a few candles

Soft Furnishings

Go wild and buy all the pillows- all the grey and the pink soft cuddly things in the world


If your feeling a little fancy you could get some dusty coloured bed sheets to get you through the last chunk of winter like Princesse aux Bidouillese 


You could invest in some lovely wall art if the idea of a pink and grey palace is rather daunting, or even better go make some! Loving Minted’s version below. 

Or go all in

Pink chair? Check. Grey wall? Check.  Pink tea cloth? Sure.  Really appreciating HonestlyWTF’s no nonsense take on this. All the pink and all the grey things for my living room please.  

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