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Apps to make living in your share house bearable

Apps To Make Living In Your Shared House Bearable

The Debrief: A spoonful of sugar...

Fed up of trying to organise e’rything share-house related over WhatsApp? US BLOODY TOO. There’s only so many times we can face picking up our phones to see ONE MILLION WhatsApp notifications that started off with someone complaining about mice and ended in everyone getting on the emoji/gross gif bandwagon. They’re funny and all, but not when you have actual work to do. C'mon, guys. 

So, better idea. Split the must-dos up with a load of helpful apps instead. Here are five of the best. 

The app that is basically like a live-in handyman/dad

You know when the boiler breaks, or the lights stop working, or you can’t put your flat-packed IKEA wardrobe together but your dad isn’t there to help and  you’re supposed to be a grown-up/ empowered young woman who can do things like that for herself? Well, for when that happens, there’s always Handy to fall back on. In 90 seconds you can order a handyman to do pretty much anything (hey, get your mind out of the gutter…)

The app that means you never have to chase an IOU again

Splitwise  is an app that helps you split your bills and expenses. No more pesky IOUs - you can literally MAKE your friends pay you back! (Kind of. We’re not condoning any kind of violence.) Also, it’s got a nice interface that basically looks like a prettier version of Google Docs.

The app that means no one has an excuse to forget the loo roll 

Our Groceries is a dream come true for anyone who's bored of forgetful housemates - synchronising everyone’s shopping list into one so that it's always up-to-date with your bin bag/ketchup/mouse trap needs...

The app that decides who does the chores, when. Damn straight

According to this little bundle of joy, Chorma is ‘an easy and fun way to organise chores with your partner, kids or family’ - who could turn that down. But in all seriousness, if one of your lovely housemates isn’t pulling their weight, THIS is how you can sort them out. 

The app for when you have nothing to talk to your housemates about and times are real bad.

If you have just moved into a share house full of strangers and want to avoid awkward silences over your first Sunday-night house dinner, then this could be useful. Or, could make them hate you, depending on how it goes… Enter… the ‘world’s best joke app’. Seriously, who doesn’t always need a new joke? 

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