Emma Gannon | Social Media Editor | 1,008 day ago

Apparently Celebrity Names Are Really Difficult To Pronounce

The Debrief: Adele Dazeem. Dick Poop. James Flacko.

Come on, we've all watched John Travolta mis-pronounce Idina Menzel (the amazing singer of  Frozen's "Let It Go) as "Adele Dazeem" at the Oscars. It's not just us that's had it on repeat for days, right?

Thank you Jonny T, for the memes. So many memes.

So to our utter delight, there has been a mash-up created by Mashable including all the best fluff ups when announcing winners. Don't worry guys, it's only like the most important night of many our these celebrities lives when they win such a big award in front of so many millions of people, it totally doesn't matter if you cock up their name. It's fine, honestly.


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