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All The Top Catchy Tunes of 2014 Rolled Into One YouTube Video

The Debrief: Yes it’s slightly high-pitched, but it’s pretty impressive remember all of different lyrics. Next drinking challenge, anyone?

C’mon, we all watch cover versions of songs on YouTube, it’s a universally-acknowledged guily pleasure, right?

Pop-folk duo Michael and Carissa Alvarado (their stage name is Us The Duo) are most known for their hit series of Vines called #6secondcovers and this time they’ve made a longer version of their cover songs. They’re also married, which makes the whole thing a bit cuter. 

They have done a 2.5 minute video on YouTube which covers all of the top hit songs for 2014, and it’s pretty good. TBH, we’re pretty impressed with how they remember all those lyrics. Karaoke challenge, anyone?

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